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  1. I don't know how real this is but Justin Timberpale "Alot of people wonder why Justin Timberlake prefers to sit in the shade, avoids the sun in most cases, and prefers to occassionally visit the beach. The reason? The 23 year old has been taking Accutane the last 2 years to avoid acne breakouts. As a young adult, the *NSYNC star suffered from pimples in his teenage years and today goes to all extincts to avoid breakouts. Most cases he keeps a strict and healthy diet, drinks minimum 8 classes
  2. I know how you feel girl. I use to date a girl when my skin was clear at 13, she was crazy about me but then when my skin started breaking out she got all bitchy and she dumped me. WHich is understandable considering how old she was at the time but it broke my little heart. My skin is oily and bumpy as hell now still, at 18 years old. I ASK GOD WHY ME!!!!!!! If you saw me you would run for the hills. I heard birth control and stuff like that works for woman. Maybe you could try them. P
  3. I thought most males outgrow teenage acne due to puberty around 18-19 years old? It runs like a course of 4-7 years and then it is done. Is their any truth to that? Do you know anybody who has outgrown their acne?
  4. I'm on Keflex and was wondering how it stays in your system after you stop using it.
  5. How long does differin stay in your system after you stop using it? Anybody know?
  6. i've been on retin-a for almost 7 weeks and my skin is more oily than it's ever been. i don't know if it takes longer to control oil, but i havnt seen it do so yet
  7. I've been using moisturizer. Try a different one. Which one are you using? Lets see I've used, Cetaphil, Clean & Clear Dual Action, Clean & Clear Shine Control, and Biore Shine Control.
  8. Well I am a guy who has had acne since I was 13 and I will be 19 in January. I've been doing good with my regiman; Differin Gel, Keflex Pills, and erythromycin, but I'm sick of it. I don't care anymore. I still got pimples while I was on my regiman but it managed to keep me 95%-98% clear most of the time. It is not worth it anymore to me though. THe medicine is very drying so since I've been on the meds so long my skin has adapted to it and has become an oily mess. Also the medicine causes
  9. between your laugh lines and your mouth and nose. Are you suppose to apply it in that area?
  10. I've been using differin for about 2 years now along with erythromycin Gel and I started taking Keflex pills in June. The thing is all these acne medications are making my face too oily. I'm wondering could I get away with applying differin 3 times a day?
  11. Man I wish the people who had acne but don't have it anymore because it went away naturally would come on here. It's just blind leading the blind.