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  1. Dublin? no way!

  2. lpease reference the book author etc ? I'm also interested in hearing what the treatment involves. Do youmean injesting nutmeg? And where does the honey come in?
  3. HI, wondering how your microlaser peel has healed and if you like the results, and if possible, how your skin is different. I am the original poster and have wanted to hear someone' experience for a while now. Thanks!
  4. Hi--no, unfortunately I had to cancel my appointment because of travel plans. But you might be rightabout that...though I heard that up to 50 microns...sometimes even 60 is considered micro because a full laser peel (co2) is around 150 microns. I think if I can get an appointment again I will go for about 30-40 microns. Still interested in hearing from microlaser peel patients who had it done for scarring. Thanks for responding Zen. Ha--I meant TenZin.
  5. bump, because I had to cancel my appointment but am still intersted to hear what people have to say before I reschedule. thanks.
  6. THanks for your response. I will be having a deeper peel, probably 30-50 microns to help some uneven skin texture causd by mild to moderate scarring. If anyone else has had this done, especially for scars, please let me know your results. I go in for it tomorrow morning. Have a great day.
  7. Thanks TenZin. Have you had a microlaser peel? If so were you ever on Accutane? Most importantly, what were your results like and what level was used on you (example: 20 microns or 50 microns) I really appreciate your answers today or tomorrow since I am having it done Thursday morning.
  8. Hi, anyone who has had a microlaser peel, please let me know your experience. I have talked to one board member about it through PMs but wantto know other opinions before having it done soon. Any information you think is important will be of great help. I would like to know how many microns you had done with your peel. And is it sciton or ebrium (or is this the same thing?)? Thanks and have a nice day!
  9. I would just like to know what experiences people have had with microlasr peel on their acne scarring and any details they think are important about it. Thanks.
  10. MSM and lipoic acid are supposed to be good for this. Cod liver oil is good for skin overall. So is wheatgrass (powder for drinks or supplements). Hope this helps. Oh, also Vitamin C.