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  1. Hey Fighter The next time bring her back to your place. But before that, fit dimmer switches instead of on/off switches and change your bulbs to Philips Softtone. Nah but seriously, that girl sounds like a horrible person. That was a seriously wrong and downright rude thing to say. Baz
  2. I mean like Extreme Makeover and the one on Discovery H & H. Sometimes they have people on who have had laser resurfacing on whatever done for acne scars but at their "reveals", while they do look great, you can never get a good enough look at their skin to see if it really worked. It's all sympatethic lighting and matt make-up. No shine + no shadows = no pockmarks? Also, some of the plastic surgeons themselves look like they could do with a bit of work themselves. So why don't they? One p
  3. Pores? Oh yeah, what do you call about seven scars that have merged into one? The Ruhr Valley.
  4. The old wisdom is that acne is a misfortune that befalls teenagers and that it clears up by your early twenties. Yeah right. I got my first spot when I was fourteen and still have them at 32. From when I was fourteen until I was in my early twenties I had acne. Then I moved to Germany. My acne disappeared. When I moved to Ireland it came back. OK, it is "low grade" acne, but an eighteen year-long onslaught has left behind may battle scars. So much for the mythical "clean" Irish envoronment. An
  5. Hey Man I know exactly where you're coming from. I have shallow scarring on my cheeks which is invisible in some lighting and in others looks like the surface of the moon. My brother always tells me to STFU when I say it to him. I'd love to have a scar buddy who could say "Dude, get out of where you're standing because your skin looks really bad in this light. Pull back". But yes, people would think that you are a maniac if you asked them to do something like that. Remeber the line that King
  6. Hi I'm thinking of getting my cheeks lasered next year to get rid of my scars. They say that it takes about two weeks for the new skin to heal, which is no problem. What bothers me is the thoughts of walking around with glow-in-the-dark pink cheeks for six months or longer... and even worse, if after all that it didn't bring about an improvement. Women can slather over makeup to disguise the redness after the skin has healed and then go back to work. I don't really think this is an option for
  7. Hi I've got a couple of appointments lined up in Dublin with some "laser clinics" and just wanted to know if there is anyone here who has had this done here. I came across a couple of threads from people in Ireland but they're from a couple of years back. I'd like to think that it worked out well for them and for that reason they no longer hang out here. BTW.... one clinic I am in contact offered me a package where the "main" procedure is with the Derma-K laser and one session costs 220 euro,
  8. I don't usually come here coz it's a really scary place... like a dodgy NY (or Dublin)suburb... Man, I will personally kick the shit out of you if you attempt any bad shit on yourself.. You will not succeed. Remember the scene in the Godfather where Johnny Fontaine tells The Don of his troubles and The Don slaps his face and tells him to act like a man. Get your shit together, soldier.
  9. Whatever. Who cares. Go forth and enjoy the beauty of your youth. 'Tis but fleeting. We're sitting here obsessing about a couple of minor blemishes and wasting the prime of our youths. All too soon we will be old and acne scars will be the least of our worries.
  10. My scars are pretty similar to yours. What I do is take a hand-held mirror and twirl myself round so that I discover the worst possible angle where my scars are the most visible and convince myself that this is what people see in all lighting conditions from all angles. When I announce to people that I am getting laser done for my acne scars they look at me as if I had ten heads. WTF??? My ex told me I need a shrink and not a plastic surgeon. What does that tell you? Are we the same as anorex
  11. Hey Madas You do have acne scars. But they are really minor. I appreciate that you feel down about them. But there are a lot of people out there who have scarring hundreds of times worse than yours. Really, I'm not exxagerating. What I say to you is the same as what I said to Magneticxboy; go out and attack it! Really, man, you've nothing to worry about. Baz
  12. How about this. No, actually, let's not make a list. We're all here hocking around our screens felling sorry for ourselves while these guys and gals are out there attacking life. Let's join them. Baz
  13. Hey Magneticxboy Dude, don't worry too much about your scars. They are minor and you are a good lookin' fella. Go forth and score women. Lots of them. Girls, I don't mean that in a demeaning way. All respect to the girls. It's just that us good lookin' guys with acne scars are entitled to a bit of fun too! Baz
  14. Hi Narcisses Nice post. Good question. I'm in the same boat as you. I look pretty good, dress well, etc.... but have these damned acne scars. It's heartbreaking. I was out a couple of months ago at a work do and was talking to a really cute girl that I've fancied for ages. We were chatting away goodo inside but then later on when I saw her outside in the smoking area (nasty habit - you're not allowed smoke inside in Ireland) I couldn't bring myself to go over to her because she was standing in