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  1. I'll echo what Chrisaus has said. I started using this in June of 08, so I've been using it for exactly one year. I hardly ever worry about acne anymore. I might get a couple minor spots before that time of the month. I still have a crappy complexion (a bit of redness), but my life has changed drastically since taking this stuff. I eat cereal every morning, so I always take it before eating my cereal. I don't always take it with lunch or dinner, only if I'm going to be eating high carb meals
  2. I take glucomannan so I can indulge. I just had my own birthday cake for the first time in a few years.
  3. Yep. I break it into two half teaspoons, mix each with water, and down in one go both times. It gels fast, so I don't use cold, cold water (makes it too hard to down quickly).
  4. Not really. I know that if I'm regular, my skin looks better.....but the Fiber Choice never really made me regular. I would still skip a day or two here and there, and if I wasn't consistent with when I took it, I always had problems with bms. The glucomannan not only makes me more regular, but it also blocks carb spikes. I can eat meals with carbs now and they have no effect on my skin. I can eat breads, cereals, pies, etc..... as long as I take the glucomannan, I'm safe. I've been taking t
  5. Powder.....I find it works a lot better. I just mix it with water in the morning and drink it quickly. I eat immediately after I take it.
  6. I had horrible problems with bms, too. I was hospitalized when I was around 6/7 because of it....and over the years I've always struggled with it. Once I added Fiber Choice and more vegetables that helped. It got to the point where I would go every other day, if not every day. This stuff....I go every day, a lot of times more than once. In fact, every few days I have to go without it before dinner and just eat all low carb instead.
  7. Still using this stuff... I've been testing it hardcore for about a week now: Dinners with stuffing and mashed potatoes and slices of pumpkin pie (I loooove pumpkin pie!). A small bowl of cereal (Quaker Ohs (my childhood fave) and Cheerios Oat Crunch) for a snack. I love this..... What's also awesome is that it keeps me twice as regular as my old fiber supplements.
  8. I can't speak for anyone else, but it certainly does me.
  9. I was getting a decent amount of fiber each day and taking Fiber Choice as well, but the Glucomannan works even better than that for me. This stuff has been a life saver. I've been able to eat a variety of foods again. Last night I had turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and dressing. I looooooove dressing. I haven't eaten it in forever because I've feared it. It was so awesome to be able to eat it again.
  10. I always look for a long term solution - one that's sustainable and still allows me freedom. This way I can go out and eat with my friends and enjoy desert, etc.... I was miserable when all I did was stress out about food, and there's no way I would have been able to sustain such a strict diet for the rest of my life. I still avoid fried foods and dairy, but it's nice to eat cake on someone's birthday and be able to go out to a restaurant and not panic. Glucomannan is a very practical solu
  11. I've been using it since June. Started out eating it before cereal in the morning....now I have it with a meal most of the time, too. It's done very well for me. I can eat cereal, bread, and tons of fruit and my skin stays the same.
  12. All the time. I use it twice a day - once for breakfast and for dinner. I'm eating cereal every morning, and I've eaten a ton of fruit in the past month or so. I've also had pieces of bread with my meals, and snacked on frosted animal cookies here and there. The only major breakout I've had was due to stress over the past weekend - a nodule on my chin.
  13. I eat cereal because I love it. There's nothing I want more in the morning than a bowl of cold cereal. And thanks to the glucomannan, I can have it. :dance:
  14. Maybe you should try Glucomannan powder? Just mix it with water and drink it before you eat. If carbs/insulin spikes cause your acne, it might help you out. I eat out with friends a lot, and I get too stressed about food when I try to follow something too strict. I don't eat chips or drink sodas, but I do like to have a piece of desert with my meal and my favorite food is cereal. I now take the glucomannan before a meal, and I've seen improvement. Not right away, but once I incorporated it in
  15. I eat a huge bowl of Cheerios cereal every morning. I just take Glucomannan powder beforehand and it's perfectly fine.