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  1. The sun really does fuc* me over for some reason. I'm currently 14 weeks into 10g a day of B5 and this morning my face was looking GREAT! It had been consistently good for a few days while I mostly stayed indoors. Today I decided to go out shopping, probably exposed to the sun for about an hour overall and as a result my skin has become massively inflamed. I have 2 receding cysts (that developed at the start of B5 treatment), which are both to the left and right of my mouth respectively, and EVE
  2. flipgirl, being horny all the time is, particularly in the case of teenage boys, is an indication that hormones are abnormally fluctuant. This hormone inbalance is a root cause of teenage acne, so using a dietary supplement that corrects this inbalance is obviously very beneficial.
  3. Hi all. At the moment, I've been on a 10g/day B5 regimen for 10 weeks now and the last 3 days I have added 3 teaspoons daily of fishoil. Right now my situation is great, *tough wood*. I'm not sure if it's the fish oil's addition to the regimen (EFAs are depleted whilst on B5 megadoses) but whatever the case, it is looking very promising for me. It might even be the B5 really kicking in late - but 10 weeks seems to be a strange time for this to occur - who knows. I've also noticed another, what I
  4. People who HAVE had success on B5 are VERY unlikely to stick around acne boards just to give their recommendation. Think about it, if you cleared your acne, would you come on this sort of board and contribute willingly? I'm sure there aren't many people who honestly would...
  5. Hey there. I'm now about 2 months into B5 treatment of mild-moderate acne on 10g per day. Now I'd say I have cleared a little but I still have what I'd describe as moderate acne around my mouth and on my neck. Is this normal after 2 months of B5 treatment? I still am breaking out - just to a lesser extent. Also, my main problem area used to be my forehead, which is pretty much 100% clear which is unusual (in saying that I got a small whitehead today). My 2nd question is have you experienced clea
  6. If you want a cheap, effective and what's more, ABSORBING, moisturiser go for Carley's Clear and Smooth (they also sell a moisturiser). You can get it from www.no-acne.com. At first it feels like a regular moisturiser, but within 2 minutes, it has completely absorbed into your skin without leaving greasy residue like you guys are talking about. It is also oil free etc as it is designed for acne-prone skin. Only $12 a throw for a big tub too!
  7. There was me, the naive, unsuspecting victim. I stumbled across www.acnease.com and read the clinical studies. Wow, I thought. Did I fancy my odds at success? Did I ever! I ordered one month's supply, which comes with a "money back guarantee", so I thought what the hell do I have to lose!? I bought it ($90!) and was excited when they arrived. Just a month till I'm clear, I thought. So I took them. Weeks passed without change. The tablets were reaching the end of my batch, so I thought, hey,
  8. You have to consider that people B5 HAS worked for are less likely to be here to even respond to this question. As human nature goes, once a problem is sorted, you move on. A select few who wish to use their experience to help others in future stick around, but like I said, it's rare. Everyone must consider that when launching polls and asking questions about whether or not something has worked.
  9. Peaches, that's very unfair to say that most people don't grow out of acne until their mid-twenties. In fact, I would say in most cases (men more so) people grow out of acne by their early twenties. It's all dependent upon when your hormone levels calm down, hence the reason men are more likely to grow out of it earlier.