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  1. Its something ive been doing for a while, putting my 9th grade science lessons to good use. Hot expands, Cold contracts. Basically, I use warm/hot water when washing my face pre-cleanser, cleanse, then use cold water afterwards. My thinking is that the hot water will expand my pores to get a better cleanse, then the cold water will shrink them up once theyre all clean, and keep them that way. I cant say ive had any superior results doing this, cos yeah.. i'm a member of these forums. Up unti
  2. It seems like BP has a temporary effect of fading red marks after you first put it on. But in actuality, BP slows the healing process, and will make those same red marks stay around for alot longer
  3. I look the same as well Mostly on my right temple, and above my right eyebrow. Any updates? Look at my join date, thats how long ive been 'waiting' for this to fade... my patience has weared.
  4. Ive been doing alot of research on this, and it seems like a 30% peel would be best for my sensitive skin. My active acne is pretty mild right now, but I have red marks left from old acne around my temples, on my forehead and a little bit going down my hairline toward my ears/sideburns. Ive currently been using 100% FOTE Aloe Vera gel with minor improvement, and nothing else. Am I correct in assuming a light 30% lactic peel would be good for me? If so, can anybody recommend an over the counter
  5. So is this stuff the same thing, just less potent? Aka: Ok to use?
  6. I found it in a bathroom downstairs. Seems to be for suntanning. Is this the same stuff everyone is talking about? This is the bottle. http://www.zuckermanpharmacy.com/product.c...cts/660738.html
  7. Im going to say true. When I used BP gel, i found that it was very sucessful at 'flattening' my acne. To the touch, the skin felt smooth. But when you looked at it, there were redmarks all over where the BP was applyed, in my case, on the temples+forehead. I feel that BP simply dries out the acne, but does nothing to heal it, leaving you with red scars reminding you where your acne once was. Currently looking for a way to get rid of these redmarks. Since summer is coming up, my tan will make t
  8. I only ask because, well it looks that way. And it also doesnt leave my skin feeling as dry as the last bp I tryed (proactiv). I *guess* thats a good thing, but I sorta liked the dry feeling.. let me know the stuff was doing what it was supposed too.
  9. Maybe its just because im used to the proactiv repairing BP, but dans stuff feels + looks extremely watered down. It was my understanding that this 2.5 was supposed to be 'just as effective with other %'s, just less irrating', and it just bothered me that it seemed this way.
  10. I took accutane about 2 years ago, and it really helped my acne. I thought it was a godsend.. its pretty much all but gone except for the occasional pimple. Sometimes my forehead has a problem breakout every now and then, but i think thats just because I wear a hat to much, and its never really bad. (got the hat on to cover it anyways, endless circle lol!) Anyways I was watching TV the other day and I saw this commercial for a law firm.. that dealt strictly with people who have experienced heal
  11. I went through one cycle of accutane about 1 yr 6 months ago. At the time I first finished the treatment, my acne was gone.. although the 'red mark' scarring was left. Almost 2 years later... the scars are STILL THERE. Not only that, but ive noticed that the acne is starting to come back too... spefically on my forehead around my hairline & where sideburns would be if i had sideburns. ](*,) I was told this was go away with time.. but the only thing waiting has gotten me was the agony of
  12. Well i'll just jump right into it I guess. About 7 months ago I finished my accutane treatment, which completely got rid of all my acne. Unfortunately, I am still left with the red 'x marks the spot' blotchs on my face. I guess they have faded somewhat, but nothing significant. Anyways, I have noticed that there are SIGNIFICANT differences in the blotchs dependant on the time of day. In the morning when i first wake up / early evening through night are times when the scarring is virtually invisi