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  1. I have read loads of posts and apparently anything new will make your skin react badly, just have to stick to it and hope it works......good luck
  2. i have very oily skin so seeing a derm next month as i think this is the cause os my acne
  3. where trouser.s.... no seriously if i were you id see DR to make sure its nothing serious
  4. here here to fire starter, drugs will only help you through the bad times (short time), ultimatley you will have to quit them, look at the good stuff you have instead of focusing on the bad
  5. I have not seen ur pics but i know what you mean - i look in the mirror in the morning and i feel like im covered in spots and that every can see them - reality is that people dont stand as close to you as you stand to your mirror, maybe you are your own worst enemy...?
  6. i have been using bp for ages and gave it up when i get a break out. This time im gonna go through the break out as they seem to heal alot faster. lets see
  7. 33yrs hear dude and still battling hard. Its cleared up several times in the past but never gone for good......Im just one of these guys who has to settle for bad skin.
  8. Im just gonna have to learn to live with acne then im afraid!!!!!!
  9. I have moderate acne and thought I would stop smoking to see what happens (normally smoke 20 a day) I stopped completey for a week and my acne started to clear, thought yeah great but then had a bad day at work so had a fag. Next morning I woke up with a brand new spot on my chin, so i think yes smoking has an impact on skin. I have used nicotene patches before and they had no affect on my skin just my health, so i think the nicotene in the patches has the same affect as smoking....I am now goin