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  1. Do you think this is to harsh or does the ingredients etc. sound ok? http://www.origins.com/templates/products/...UCT_ID=PROD7480 Thx.
  2. I was wondering if anyone uses a mild exfoliate while on tane? Maybe by 'Origins' or someone? Lower half is fine from shaving but forehead could do with some exfoliating. Just don't want to irritate while on tana. Any suggestions?
  3. Made it to second page without a reply so.........bump!
  4. Just wondering what other ppls understanding of dry hair and thinning while on accutane is? Should one be worried if their hair is thinning? What measures can be taken to combat this (shampoo, vitamins)? Do a lot of ppl experience this side effect and also will the hair return to normal once accutane has stopped being taken? Any info would be appreciated! Thx!
  5. Is it ok to take 50mg of Zinc and 250mg of D'Pantothenic Acid while on tane?...at a different time of day of course. Also how much Vitamin E do you guys take? Thx.
  6. Hey all! I was prescribed 40mg daily in North America which came as one capsule. I am in Europe for a while though and all I can get my hands on are 20mg capsules. It is my understanding that they only have 10mg and 20mg capsules in Europe. So is it alright to take both 20mg caps in the morning together like I would normally take my 1x40mg cap? Thx!
  7. Hi all!, I am currently on Accutane but am travelling at the moment. The problem is is that my trip is gonna take longer than expected and my current month supply will run out during this time period. I was wondering what the effect of not taking accutane for roughly 5 or so days would be? Would my first month on this drug have been a waste if I miss say a maximum of up to a week? I already have my second month dosage presciption waiting at home so I can pick that up right away. I am on 40mg