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  1. I forgot to mention that sex also causes the skin to boil at the surface not to mention add to ur stress levels. I would reccomend if u ingage in any sexual activity make sure u get enought omegga 3 in ur diet. Oh did u know that 99% of the world is DEFICIENT IN OMEGGA 3s, that explains why so mnay people have hearth disease and acne. 99% is a FACT to thats insane, get ur omegga 3s people FROM FOOD not bs suppliments, eat salmon, walnuts, fflaxseeds daily. If u engage in sexual activity try not
  2. One BIG thing. If you eat an incorrect diet (yes, in my opinion), then the results will NOT manifest in a positive manner. I eat meat and lots of it (along with some cod liver oil). I've finally cleared my skin utilizing this regimen. Not eating fat red meat is a mistake. I'm not here to get into a pissing match with vegans, but the truth is that raw fruits and veggies DO NOT provide adequate building blocks necessary for optimal health OR for clear skin. I achieved healthy skin by followi
  3. thanks alot for the help. i've also tried eucerin moisturizer and that stung even worse. i guess ill give cetaphil or complex 15 a go... it just seems illogical for me to keep on with this experimentation of all these otc products when there is something like accutane of antibiotics to use. but ill keep trying... thanks for the info, but this is kind of what i'm talking about. you shouldn't say with such certainty that accutane "IS NOT PERMANENT" just because it wasn't permanent fo
  4. Acne is least of your concern, animal protein causes cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and all sorts of chronic illneses over the long-term. What a load of vegan BULLSHIT! Animal protein and fat is ESSENTIAL for good health. Do some research before making such statements of nonsense. Vegetables and fruits are made for ruminant animals. Are you a cow? http://www.theomnivore.com/ http://www.biblelife.org/vitamins.htm http://homodiet.netfirms.com/index.html http://www.mercola.
  5. Milk is not the only problem...eating cereal is a bigger problem. If you want to stop acne, stop eating cereal AND milk. Eat some eggs.
  6. That is what I thought...BUT, is there a deeper underlying cause for acne? If so, then what is the multi-faceted problem and how is it cured?
  7. Curious if anyone has tried this or any opinions or ideas from others. http://acneyoda.com/index.php
  8. Just curious if anyone has swapped out Eucerin Renewal for Aloe Vera and what their results are/were? I don't like Eucerin as it is very greasy and makes my face even more oily. Aloe Vera gel actually tends to keep my face from becoming oily and seems to "dry" it out a little, but not in a bad way. Just wanted to know if others have experimented with this and what their results were?
  9. I would not take flaxseed oil that has not been refrigerated as it is rancid and won't provide near the beneficial effects as properly stored flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is not magical in nature. Simply eating less omega 6 fatty acids will start to rebalance the imbalance causing less inflammation in the body and less oil production.
  10. This is for the Moderator or anyone with any experience altering the Regimen. I've experimented with only applying the BP at night after a shower and not washing in the morning (this is after a long stint of using it twice/day). This has worked in the past (not 100% though, but close) but I recently went off the Regimen to see if I have grown out of my acne. No such luck. I started back up with utilizing the Regimen once/day at night and was curious if anyone else has experimented with it an