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  1. Hi. I had moderate/severe acne So my derm put me on 20mg Roaccutane which did the job nicely. Gave me 2 years of clear skin. Acne's slowly starting to appear again I'm thinking of going on second dose of it. My questions is: Will the second round resolve my acne quicker than it did first time round? Thanks Edit to say, I think I was on it 6 months or so first time round.
  2. seanbertiger I feel i can actually help you out with your muscle gaining problem. You want your abs to show, but you want to gain muscle elsewhere too right. Its actually quite simple, eat more meat, more protein .....protein is the key... but at the same time dont over eat, cut out all the unhealthy crap you eat for a while, and just eat stuff like tuna, tune sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chicken dinners.... then just do pressups/weights/sit ups etc.... For me that worked perfect, i lost weig
  3. i got 25... hmm I do question this test somewhat.. because I could quite easily see everyone on this board getting "mild to severe depression" and above... and im sure thats not right, depression is a proper mental illness caused by an imbalance of chemicals which has been set off by something in someones life...
  4. go for it adam, I have nothing but good things to say about accutane... i can go to bed and not worry about waking up with new spots, its heart warming. [attachmentid=3089] It sorted my skin out.....
  5. Play football Watch football Movies University Drink Smoke thee erb fuck the house mate Hahahahaha you know, I was looking at how many people listed smoking weed as an interest/hobbie in this thread.... and my god... the world is so in for an entire generation of schizophrenics.
  6. My forehead does have a bit of scarring, just little bits spread about... still some red marks there to fade because the majority of my cysts were on my forehead... I have no red marks really left on my cheeks, and virtually no scarring.
  7. yer they are, dont they look it only side effects I experienced were dry lips, but loads of vaseline sorted that. I cant really tell if it made me depressed, maybe a tiny bit.. but I was able to reason myself through it so... y'know... enjoying life with clear skin now!
  8. pfft yer, if it ever comes back.. .straight on the tane without a second thought.
  9. So much misery going on in this forum, I thought i'd try and add some hope. If you havent tried accutane yet, I strongly suggest you try it. I went to a private dermatologist who said I had wide spread moderate to severe acne. 6 Months later at 2 x 20mg's a day and Im pretty much crystal clear, I only have one before picutre, and it was 4 months in when the accutane was starting to clear me, its bloody blurry and crap but I swear there is a massive difference, and my acne at one time REALLY was
  10. Hi! I started accutane at 2 x 20 mg's in about july or something, and ive just finished my course. The skin on my face is lovely and clear, all the red marks are gone (accept on my forehead, but i have a fringe until thats gone) so basically my face is clear. Go accutane, i'd reccommend it to anyone who cant take the pain of acne anymore. But heres the problem, the acne i was getting on my face seems to have migrated to my ass, I dont have any face acne or back acne or anything like that, but a
  11. Accutane has left my forehead in a state, im coming up to my third month on the course.. my question is this... My forhead looks a scarred mess right now... nothing looks like its healing.. please tell me this is just temporary and that my forehead will gradually start to look better, and some scars will heal..... or is it gonna get worse? is accutane gonna keep on destroying my healing power and making more scars? I posted before about this but didnt ask that question.
  12. When i was about 13/14 i became what I would consider a podgey, i sorted it and got a nice toned body.... but i had to find out all the tricks etc myself and do it the hardway so ill pass my knowledge down to you. Eat a bowl of ceral in the morning, I know you probably heard this 'it kicks start your motablism' a million times ...but it really is true, avoid too many carbs... I know you've probably tried one of these stupid 'no carb' diets... well dont go quite that far.... just make sure your
  13. amandakay_6 if your tall, have long legs and a slim figure and your not hit on... its probably because guys think your out of their league, i know i would. If you took the initiative and talked to them you could prolly have any guy you wanted.
  14. remaining on my acne on my forhead will and is gradually being beaten into submission by accutane... its the endlesss dents/marks/scars/indentations that im miserable about... could anyone tell me if TCA peels would sort it? and how long to do I have to wait to come off the tane before i can do that sort of stuff?
  15. ah finally the pics are up.. yep there we go.. wish my forehead didnt get anihilated