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  1. i had CO2 done 4 years ago when i was 26. i probably received 10-15% improvement if that. i dont have severe acne scars either. probably a 4 on a 1-10 scale.
  2. Does anybody know of any Doctors in any part of Florida that does silicone injections? and also any insite on how godd they are at it?
  3. some type of steriod shot like cortisone from a doctor should settle it down and make everything level.
  4. Who here has had bad experiences with silicone injections? i had a couple done 5 years ago with silikon 1000 and had excellent results but mainly had it done on one bad area and it fixed it by 95% to the point u cant even tell at all. i want to do it again on a couple more places but i am scared to death of it. but if my body responded well to it, would it respond the same way this time too or not? post any thoughts or experiences on this subject. thank you
  5. they have lasers now that bring pigment back that they use. i forgot the name of it but i would check into it.
  6. no not at all. microdermabrasion would be a waste of money.
  7. well i went for my consultation and the doc wanted to do silicone injections instead.
  8. i am suprised more people havent done Artefill on here. a permanent filler would be the best option for some types of scars.
  9. Here's a site I found where people give their experience. I'm still unsure also. Scroll down. http://www.realself.com/forum/skin_care/artefill_cost.html
  10. what are people's experiences with Artefill so far? i know its pretty new still but not sure if it is permanent or if its a scam like most other procedures. any info would be greatly appreciatied. thanks
  11. what is a good bp face wash that u can buy without a prescription?
  12. thanks for repling I've been looking around on the net a lot for more info on this topic. Apparently there is another type of laser called 'Vbeam' which is a pulsed dye laser(whatever that means) and its specific for red marks. so i guess that its a much better option than IPL but it also seems to be much more invasive and has a longer recovery time. Any opinions on Vbeam, or Vbeam vs IPL?
  13. hello, will any blue dawn soap after fraxel work??? i know they have different types of blue dawn soap, not sure if its just the regular kind or what. any info would help thanks??
  14. Sorry but u are getting ripped off. microdermasion wont do anything for acne scars. some people dont even respond to regular dermabrasion much less microdermabrasion. i would definitely stop going to that rip off doctor.