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  1. what's going on? i really need my gel quickly, but i can't seem to finish the ordering process. it just keeps redirecting me to the main page over and over....help!? thanks... *edit* ok, it took another 10 times, but i was finally connected to paypal to make my payment. i'm not sure what the problem was...maybe it was a problem with the paypal website?
  2. i've read that you can use teething gel to numb the eyebrow area before tweezing. i've never tried it, cause tweezing doesn't really cause any pain for me.
  3. *lol* *slaps forehead* oops, sorry blacktaxi! i just realized that i posted something for sarah in your log. i apologize for that. when i was scrolling through the logs earlier, i saw her name and then the 'new page' comment and got all mixed up. hey, i guess i contributed to your new page.. haha... i DO read your log as much as i can, too. i'm very proud of you! erin
  4. Hi there, Sarah! I think I just sent you the same PM twice. Sorry about that. It gave me an excuse to contribute to your new page. Erin
  5. there was a concern about the parabens used in the original gel.
  6. hey tina, just checking in on you. i know the red marks can be so annoying, but from looking at your pictures they are surely fading away! i know you just want them to go away lickety split, but believe me...they will be gone soon. i'm in the same boat as you. I still have flaky skin, red marks and the occasional pimple. i want the red marks to be gone, but just don't know what to use that won't irritate and make me break out. i hear it is best to leave them alone. i'm glad you enjoyed your trip
  7. wow, that would be awesome if you didn't need the regimen now. i hope it works out well for you! hm..i've been thinking about diane 35, but i don't have health insurance, and i don't really know how i could go about getting it. anyway, good luck with that! you are awesome. just thought i'd let you know that. love, erin
  8. hi tina, miss future certified jazzercise instructor i looked at your comparison photo, and you have every reason to be hap-hap-happy! the acne has been completely zapped away, and the redness is fading so quickly. amazing! i love dan's gel, too. you were right about the dryness. i have to make sure to moisturize A LOT! as for your love life.. you GO girl! you deserve to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship. get out there and enjoy yourself. you'll find the right person to start a family
  9. hey betty cherry, i just found your log and read through most of it, so it was cool to see that in your last post you announced your engagement! congratulations! it sounds like your skin is doing just fine, too. i'm glad accutane is working for you. i'm glad i found your log. i'll be back to see how you are doing from time to time. take care, erin
  10. hey girl! just dropping by to see how you are doing. it looks like your last few updates have been good news. excellent! you are kicking acne in the ass. i hope your skin continues to get better. i know the ups and downs can be really frustrating. your progress is really encouraging! i can't wait until i get there... take care, erin
  11. i totally agree about the myspace thing. just tonight i saw a young girl on the news who had a myspace, but took it down because someone broke into her house, and she thinks it was someone who found out where she lived from info on her myspace site. scary!
  12. some good ideas, you guys. i just might try some of them. i stopped wearing mascara, because it always looked clumpy. i like your idea, tenshi! another tip is to have a clean mascara wand to go back over lashes and get rid of any clumps after applying. i haven't tried it yet, but it sounded like a good idea to me.
  13. just thought i'd stop by to say, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope you have a wonderful day!
  14. awesome! jazzercise sounds like so much fun! i love your new avatar picture. you look beautimous! :wub: erin
  15. congratulations! flawless! relatively new to the regimen, it's always good to see these amazing results. thank you for sharing!