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  1. just started the regime face is starting to get a little dry, i don't wanna use just regular lotion, what's the best stuff comeon people help me out , thanks
  2. it's stuff from the store called sea salt
  3. i gave up on dermafina i used it for over 5 weeks and nothing really improved. i kept on getting zits and it seemed like they would take weeks just to go away, dont buy dermafina
  4. i recently have been using dermafina 4 step program, but it didn't do shit. i'm now washing my face with sea salt in the morning then applying neutrogena mult vitamin lotion at night iwash my face with sea salt and apply bp 10% , anyone know if it's ok to use these two together?????? i just wanna get my face clear before school starts
  5. i've been using dermafina for 32 days now and i see a very small improvement. my face has improved but my neck is still a problem. I keep on getting big red bumps on my n eck and on my face i get small whiteheads that seem to never go away. I've started to put bp on my face even though with dermafina it uses saclyic acid to spot treat. anyone know what the hell i should do
  6. i get big red mounds on my neck all the time , and it seems like that's the only spot where i get them. what is the best thing to use to make them go away as fast as possible. right now im takin dermafina 4 step system and tettracycline , i need somethin to get rid of these bastards
  7. i've been on dermafina for 3 weeks and like 2 days iago i got 2 zits on my forehead and one by my mouth. besdies that my face has been lookin and feeling better, but my neck is still a p[roblem zone hopefully after another week or so things shoujld be much better
  8. what's the tape method/?? i hear people talk about using it but what is it?
  9. just playin just thought it would get some people's attention anyways i've been on dermafina four step acne treatement for exactly 2 weeks my face has improved but my neck has huge zits all spaced out , i dont know what to do ,maybe they're ingrown hairs id on't know but it looks nasty
  10. what would u recomend for minor scars mostly just faded red marks
  11. i heard if you rub egg whites on your face for 5- 10 minutes it helps with pimples??? anyone know if this is true or not
  12. Can someone please answer this and tell me if I should use vinegar on my face or not????? comeon help a brother out
  13. im on my 11th day of using dermafina, it took a while to see some improvement but i see a little bit , hopefully it keeps working. they say it takes weeks to see even the slighest improvement, i'll let u know how things go
  14. i've been takin it for about 2 months twice a day the 250 mg, 'm wonderin when it's gonna do somthing