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  1. I was expecting something good like, chopped up baby dicks, but no! fucking eggs and mayo... real fuckin' orgasmic... asssshole
  2. after a month or so coming off tane, you will notice that most of the scar type looking things go away
  3. Dreams do not express hints of the future, dreams are simply random images played in your mind...
  4. I am a dream that my face was covered in cysts and pimples... it was one of those, thank god it was a dream, type dream, type. TYPE O NEGATIVE! KEEP IT NEGATIVE!
  5. Uhm, thats not a guy... just think how she'd feel if she saw her pic on this site AND someone calls her a he.... If my face ever looked like that... i would kill myself
  7. Everyone thinks I am a nutcase... I don't understand why. I simply have a outgoing personality, and I look at the depressing side of life.
  8. A had a couple months of complete and utter despair, between Jan 05' until March 05' when I finally got expelled from school. After getting expelled, I slowly rebuilt myself. Then in May... I moved to England, and the cycle of shit restarted. I moved back in July, and I have been absolutely brilliant since.
  9. My teacher started talking about people having the "touch up" option for the school photos, and she said something like, "why can't people accept that acne is a part of life, some people have it and some dont. More power to the people that do!"... I dunno, shes pretty awsome.
  10. You missed class, I didnt, but I won't flame you because I think people have done it enough. Honestly though, the people around you don't care that much.
  11. "damn"... the girl knows me, i have done a couple projects with her and such, she is in two of my class and we've had plenty of interaction.
  12. I'm sorry to hear of such things Terri, my dad used to hit me, and when he did... I KICKED THAT MOTHERFUCKER IN THE NUTS... taught that fucking happyflowers not to fuck with KMFAVBPW
  13. Be yourself. Lets see, I dress like a hobo, I have a crude tounge firmly in cheek sense of humor, I have "morbid" personality, I have been called everything from "arrogant cock" to the "most amazing man on this earth". Today I found a girl whom was contently staring at me, I thought "Well golly, this twat is staring at my face." The next thing I know, she comes up to me and says "You are attractive"... So I asked her why that was, and she told me, "Your personality, you are who you are, and yo
  14. Type O Negative - XERO TOLERANCE Now PRELUDE TO AGONY - Type O Negative Alright, fuck it, the entire slow, deep and hard album
  15. Whiteheads... Icky Redmarks.....Fuck who cares? they're alot better than whiteheads
  16. You actually thought you could O.D and die from ganja? how old are you?
  17. I've tried to do myself in before, It wasnt really on purpose, I just felt like dying at the time... You know, cut corners and take short cuts, you know, just die... no worries... Well i woke up the next morning and though, "oh well maybe next time" I have an extremely strong liver.... Alchohol, 28 Tylenol Pm and being on accutane at the same time, did not kill me... i was quite baffled.