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  1. Hi everyone, its been years since I was last on here and thought I should come back and update my progress. Well since finishing Roaccutane all those years ago my skin has stayed spot free (i have the odd one every 6months or so but thats it), my skin is still dryer than it was before starting accutane so I have to use a strong moisturiser to keep it well hydrated but no issue with flaking or very dry skin. The red marks have all faded also. Going on accutane was still one of the best decisions
  2. ooh what do you mean by everything else? :) xxx

    1. Hey ya, yeah everything is ok, just revising for finals its all very scary as if it all goes to plan i'll be qualified in a month, fingers crossed. How are u? xxx

      1. yeah I know I used to get bored with the long holidays but i only got three weeks this yr so am missing it now. Well I better go get some dinner as I'm starving. Speak soon and if you need any doctor advice let me know. xxxx

        1. I'm still at Birmingham but currently in Worcester on a placement. U looking forward to your long summer off!!! xxx

          1. Cool glad uni is goin ok. I've just started my 5th uni so hopefully in about 10months you'll have to call me Dr! lol.

            1. Hope this helps people see the results I got with accutane.
            2. From the album: Before/During and After Accutane

              My progress when on accutane.
            3. Hello stranger, how are you? How is the uni thing going? xxx

              1. Just had a look at your results from accutane. You have had a such a brilliant result, I bet you love accutane as much as I do! Lara xxx
              2. Hi, I never had really oily hair or skin before but my hair does get oily more quickly than when I was on roaccutane, so I'm guessing it will get oily again but hopefully not to much. I never had any hair loss or weight loss during the time I was on roaccutane. xxxx
              3. Sorry for the rediculously late reply, yes my skin is still 100% clear and I have had no lasting side effects from treatment. I'm not kidding since I stopped roaccutane over a yea ago now I have not had one spot!!!! I'm glad you found this log so helpful. I think you did the right thing if its been 3 years since your delivery your skin probably does need some help, my acne was most likely hormonal too. Good Luck. xxxx
              4. I did get some headaches when on accutane but they were not very bad and it did make me a bit tearful towards the end of my second course but that because I have been on a low dose and was on it for almost 9months. On my first course which was is more like you'll probably be on, I only had dry skin and didn't feel tearful at all, though you'll skin will get worse before it gets better. I didn't do anything for the red marks other than keep my skin really well moisturised and although it says i
              5. Thats good when I wanted to go NHS it was a 6month wait, things must have improved since then.
              6. _lara_


                I stayed on it but you should be fine coming off it, the only reason they make you take it is to stop you getting pregnant whilst on accutane.
              7. You can be referred to a private dermatologist by your GP, however if you don't mind waiting its much cheaper to go NHS and you'll probably see the same derm anyway.
              8. I've been on accutane twice the second time my skin was not that bad but if you look back to the first photos my skin was a lot worse, secondly accutane is for persistent acne not just severe.
              9. How long does it take for gallery comments to be approved as I've been able to tell that I have had some comments made quite a few days ago and I still can't see them. Thanks Lara xxxx
              10. Hi, it was £100 to see my dermatologist whom I saw 5 times. And about £500 for the roaccutane. Lara xxx
              11. From the album: Before/During and After Accutane

                Hey guys, Its been ages since I've posted on here so just a quick update, still clear, no spots. Sorry to all the PM's I haven't replied to I'll get round to it soon, I promise, I've just been really busy recently. xxxxxx
              12. Hi everyone, my skin is still clear and not had any spots so far its been over a year now, I forget exactly how long. I apologise to all the PM's I haven't replied to I've been super busy and I will get round to it soon. Hope everyone on roaccutane is ok. Lara xxxx http://img526.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mypicturedu1.jpg
              13. From the album: Before/During and After Accutane

                I have recently updated my accutane log. But for those that don't want to read it. Here is a short version. I was on accutane (60mg for 5months) a few years ago it cleared me up perfectly. The acne came back 4months later so went on second course (20mg for 9 months) again cleared me up and still clear 3 months after finishing course. in the pictures I have taken my foundation off but i still have a bit of eye make-up on but this is how my skin is now NO FOUNDATION OR POWDER.
              14. I know that I have been a bit slack recently at updating this but I've been really busy with my uni course, they only gave me 4weeks for summer can u believe that! Anyway i'll start from the beginning. So as you may or not know I first went on roaccutane a few years ago (60mg) and after 5months I had cleared up really well and there was only a small amount of scarring. Over the next 4 months however, my spots started to gradually come back as you can see in some pictures above and in the galler