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    Making clothes, watching films, listening to music, shoe shopping, hanging out with friends and having an awful obsession for neighbours, home and away, one tree hill and ER. (and not necessarily in that order)

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  1. Hi everyone, its been years since I was last on here and thought I should come back and update my progress. Well since finishing Roaccutane all those years ago my skin has stayed spot free (i have the odd one every 6months or so but thats it), my skin is still dryer than it was before starting accutane so I have to use a strong moisturiser to keep it well hydrated but no issue with flaking or very dry skin. The red marks have all faded also. Going on accutane was still one of the best decisions
  2. im new on here just wanted to say hey hows it going. :)

  3. Happy birthday! hope you're doing well

  4. Hi Lara, well I guess that this year you finally become Dr Lara :) Or was that last year? Anyway, I hope you are well and everything is going OK. It is now a decade since I took roaccutane and the therapeutic effect has now worn off. However I successfully keep myself 100% clear with Dan's regimen. take care xx

  5. Hey lara, nice to see another UK'er on here x

  6. as in life in general, its all going good for once :) and everything has improved and still is :)! x

  7. ooh what do you mean by everything else? :) xxx

  8. eep! i bet thats all quite stressful! im not looking forward to doing my dissertation next year!, uni is going really good at the moment though :) and so is everything else 'i think' x

  9. Hey ya, yeah everything is ok, just revising for finals its all very scary as if it all goes to plan i'll be qualified in a month, fingers crossed. How are u? xxx

  10. Hey, hope all is well. take care!

  11. hey, i just had a look at your before/after photos. Your skin looks incredible! i hope to be starting accutane next month, i was just wondering if you had any scarring? in the before ones your skin looks a bit dented but after looks like you never even had acne!?! Would really appreciate comment back, thanks x

  12. hello my long lost love haha : )

  13. 3 weeks huh! that though lol! :).. okay i sure will do if i have any kind of illnesses :P.. me too i think, take care lara! xx