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  1. Who did you see in the dc metro area??? btw i had the repair/fx as well. went back to work on the 6th day with practically no scars showing, give it a few weeks, i had swelling up to a month. you have major swelling right now.
  2. Dr. Channing Barnett in NYC for sure. she is the best.
  3. i don't really want to say anything about pricing b/c it depends on each individual however, i do highly recommend this office to everyone. they are so experienced in the silicone field, super knowlegeable and will explain everything in detail. i saw dr. channing for 2 very shallow scars on my forehead that have been bothering me for as long as i can remember. travelled from d.c. to nyc, got the silicone done yesterday and so far am very happy with the results. now my scars were so shallow that
  4. bump What technique? She does not use the Microdroplet Silicone technique! It looks like she just fills in as much silicone as possible, and that is very risky for long term IMO. Please do your research. This thread is about the MDS technique performed by Dr. Lam. And all of Dr. Channing's patient photos look like they are still in the swelling stage after a typical laser. From what I have heard Dr. Barnett is a pioneer in micro silicone injections, and even my derm in a different state men
  5. How much results, if any, did you see after your first treatment? And how many treatments did Dr. Lam originally recommend you when you had your first consult? I am flying down to Texas in March!!!! I am so excited! bump
  6. you should post some pictures from your scarring. lots of us have gone through scar revisions and can point you in good directions. Here are some of my pictures, the scarring are almost gone, I had craters before but now the shiny scarring really bother me a lot. Like I said in certain light the shiny scars are more obvious.In this pictures arent 2 obvious but you can tell that I have shiny scarring in the cheek area. BTW with makeup the shiny are more obvious, dont know why?? because the
  7. zenergy, where did you purchase yours from???? i would love to try it.
  8. Has anyone ever tried this??? Is it worth buying?
  9. OMG, you are not going to need 2 weeks for recovery. i had fraxel repair and barely needed a week off work.
  10. i've had dermabrasion with dr. yarborough about 3 years ago. i'm sure there is a reason other then discontinued anthestia he's not performing them anymore. it kind of doesn't make sense. i highly suggest you see dr. sam lam in dallas, tx. he's the best. he even might suggest another path to explore.
  11. migueltheman, i would submit picutures first to dr. lam. i set an app. to see dr. lam, flew to texas all the way from d.c. and was denied silicone treatment b/c my scars were not deep enough. so needless to say you could save yourself a trip and money, see if your even a candidate for silicone first...... i did end up getting botox and going back for another round to see if that helps with my scarring.
  12. if you got 70% improvement with co2 laser. why was it not worth it? was it the downtime. also office, my scars are mainly located on my forehead as well. please let us know whether you feel this procedure was worth it
  13. omg, you look aweeeessssoooome. now i'm super excited to go see dr. lam on the 23rd. are you excited?