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  1. I remember seeing a link to a website that contained a list of things that could cause acne..(clog pores). Does anyone remember that site? Also..I have been using queen helene mint julep facial scrub, it's ingredients are: Water, Walnut Shell Powder, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Kaolin.....etc....do any of those ingredients look harmful? I've been using this in combination with purpose gentle cleansing bar...I like purpose, but it just do
  2. I just ordered Aikede herbal liquid soap from herbalremedies.com..and I was wondering if anyone on here had tryed any of their products for acne? They offer quite a few, most of them are 30$ or less, and seem like they might be worth trying. I'm supposed to get my order around Wednesday, ..I'll be sure to let everyone know how it works out.
  3. About 2 days ago I decided to pick up a few products and try them out. Well, since then I haven't had any new bigger bumps etc., but I have broken out on my forehead (which was completely clear) with tiny tiny whiteheads with redness. I also experienced a little redness in my cheeks and a few whiteheads on the sides of my face. I know I should eliminate some of the new products I've been using to figure out the culprit...but I wanted to see if anyone else had any problems with them first. (C
  4. Can anyone recommend any good exfoliators? I just picked up one the other day called Skin Milk...but I haven't heard of another person on this board using it, so I'm not sure how to compare it with other exfoliators. Does anyone know of anything thats not overly expensive and that I won't have to order? Also, how many times do you use it a week? Thanks so much! Trish
  5. Hey there! Ok...well, I decided to try a few new things and see how they went...but I figured I'd ask around here first to make sure I'm not doing more damage than good to my face. Here goes... 1. Eating raw garlic....yes..I know..this is about the worst taste ever! But I heard it was good and supposed to keep the acne away, so hey...figured I'd give it a try. I've been eating a little at night (and brushing my teeth really well afterwards! lol)...but I'm not sure if I've noticed a goo
  6. Does anyone know how if or how you can clean the little pads that come with your powder? I use MAC powder, and I love the pad things they come with....but I know after using them over and over on my face....its gotta be putting the dirt from previous uses back on. So, I was wondering if anyone knows if these can be cleaned..or do I just have to go buy some others from the store? It isn't the fluffy kind of powder applicator pad, its the flat kind. Thanx so much for any help I can get! Tri
  7. Well...finally my face was starting to clear up, and things were going pretty good...no new pimples, and scars were almost gone. Then I started to get a nice sized bump on the side of my cheek, which looked like some stuff needed to come out.....soooo....I thought I would attempt to get that stuff out. ](*,) Stupid, stupid idea. Now I've got a huge red spot, and a raw type spot in the middle of it (from the skin breaking etc.). Besides worrying about how terrible it looks ...I'm also tryi