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    20 year old MAle From MA
  1. uglyassmofo


    Im 20 almost 21. If i end up going bald ill be in a world of shit. Their will be no hope for me
  2. uglyassmofo

    Acne dysmorphia

    If you don't think it looks good enoug for them then y should they
  3. uglyassmofo


    MAndy If you want i could change that
  4. Very idealistic my friend. This is no fairy tale in which we are living
  5. uglyassmofo

    Holes left by Microdermabrasion

    two hole are not worth worrying about
  6. Most of the "hot" kid that i knew in their teens are now even hotter
  7. uglyassmofo

    I love this site

    It is strangely addicting
  8. uglyassmofo

    Should you tell

    If you dont't have them anymore. Then why would you. If their completely gone then they wer'nt even scars and you shouldnt even be thinking about them.
  9. uglyassmofo

    Should you tell

    What is the point of your question? Should you tell random people, for no particular reason, that you have scars? The answere is no. You don't owe anyone an explanation for that. If you are hoping to go on a blind date with someone, then still the answere is no. You should show up for the date and just be yourself. Unless of course being yourself entails constantyl worrying about the way you look. Then if thats the case my advice is that you are not ready to be in a relationship or even b
  10. uglyassmofo

    If you didnt have acne....

    I always try not to think about it. Its probably best not not think of what might have benn. It will drive u insane.
  11. resturaunts usually have flattering lighting.
  12. Accutane wasn't the miracle that i had been praying for
  13. uglyassmofo


    Mike your so hot. btw way im not gay.
  14. uglyassmofo


    Acne has definately but a hurting on my sex life im almost 21 now and havent gotten any since i was 17. My libidio is definately about half of what it was back then( i was a horny fucking kid). I was equally self concios back then but lets just say i was driven. My sex drive is pretty low for a guy my age i think. Probably because its been so long and because i know its not gonna be easy for me to get any anyways. By god its been so long.
  15. uglyassmofo

    Is This even possible?!!!

    accutane is harsh on the skin but in the long run it is worth is. it stops the big zits but youll still get little ones.