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  1. Certain affordable home remedies with lasting effects have proved to be quite effective in treating acne. a) Sandalwood powder- Add a few drops of water to half a tablespoon of the powder. Apply all over the face. Avoid eye area. Let dry. Rinse. This fights acne and blemishes. b) Almond meal and lemon rind- Make a facial scrub with 2 tablespoon almond meal, 1 tablespoon ground lemon rind and 3-4 tablespoon milk. Gently scrub your face and get rid of excess oil. c) Clay mask- Mix 2 table
  2. Treatment of different types of acne: A) Mild acne: Topical agents like gels and lotions are best for mild acne. For convincing improvement, it might take several weeks of continuous use. Suitable topical agents might be- a) Benzoyl peroxide (cream, lotion or gel)- Due to excess oil secretion, the pores are clogged and become nests for bacteria which is responsible for inflammation and swelling. This medication eradicates the bacteria and removes dead cells from the skin’s surfac
  3. Some Essential Tips For Acne- - Change your pillowcase at least once a week - Don't let your hair touch your face - Don't get burned by the sun... - Drink a lot of water to flush toxins from the body. Reason for acne around the chin area is toothpaste, make sure you rinse around your mouth after brushing your teeth, the toothpaste can leave a residue that attracts bacteria. Also alway wash using a wash cloth don't just use your hands. Washclothes exfoliate the skin and push your cleanser
  4. Mix wheat germ, yogurt, and crushed up asprin. The wheatgerm is good for acne, yogurt makes your skin really soft, and asprin takes away inflamation. It really works. Try it
  5. Ways to Fight Oily Skin Read on to get over the old soap and water routine. Around 30 to 40 per cent of us are born with overactive oil glands and the situation is aggravated by hormonal changes such as those experienced during adolescence, pregnancy, and diet. Climate is a key factor too. It is said that oil production de increases 10 per cent for every one-degree increase in temperature, which makes residents of our part of the world very vulnerable indeed! But perhaps the most useful piec
  6. Get some rosewater in bowl. Add equal amount of cucumber paste in it. Stir it properly and have a pack of it for 20 minutes. It will also help in controlling pimples... Lily
  7. Body Acne Signs: A common ailment for both adults and teens, body acne shows up most often on the chest, back and buttocks. Causes: Two of the most common culprits for body acne are perspiration and tight-fitting clothing, which traps sweat against the skin, where it mixes with surface oils and clogs pores. Tips: Body acne has its own set of challenges since it's difficult to reach and constantly irritated by friction from clothing. To keep acne under control, wash daily with a salicylic-acid
  8. Facial Acne Signs: Blemishes ranging from whiteheads to inflamed papules and pustules. Causes: Adult acne is often a result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause. Skin that has been irritated by shaving or makeup may also be susceptible to outbreaks. Tips: To help reduce acne, avoid excessive contact with your face, such as resting your chin in your hand. At night, thoroughly cleanse your skin with a product that removes face and eye makeup, and sleep on clean co