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  1. thanks but are there any good ones i can simply buy in Boots?
  2. hi guys looking for an oil free sun screen with an spf of 30+ that is oil free and wont break me out. Any suggestions what to buy here in the uk?
  3. good for you. this forum is great and theres some lovely people on here but some of the bullshit regarding food and acne on the forum just f**ks people up. i am a very strong willed person but i came to this forum and got sucked in by the "drop this food and get clear posts" and it ruined my life for 3 months, and as you said although i am eating normal again (and even.........gasp..........drinking beer again) every now and again i still get paranoid about the food. this is why i feel sorry for
  4. i tried the diet change for over 3 months and nothing. i really refuse to believe that for even a small percentage of people its takes longer. maybe it was other factors that got you clear xheatherleighx but over 3 months to see a difference is a long long time. our bodies work in something like 2 week cycles? its not about gouging on junk food its been able to go into a nice restaraunt and order what ever is on the menu with out that horrible nasty thought in the back of your mind............
  5. hear hear! a very good sensible post. i agree that if food is causing acne you know very quickly. I never bought this "it takes weeks for a spot to develop".
  6. this candida stuff is starting to get embarrasing now............
  7. dreamyboi do you have any concrete evidence you have candida? if you didnt see results eating brown rice and riveta then diet is not going to make a difference to your acne i dont think
  8. you know what i have stopped coming to this board as its DANGEROUS. all these stupid theories floating around can really mess up your mind when you are desperate for the cure. stop this s**t right now. Not being an ass either but if any of you are under 21 and posting this crap then guys theres prob a 95% chance its hormonal, you cant do shit about it and just wait until you get older and the acne will go. Now go and eat that big mac, drink loads of beer, screw women and jerk off all you want
  9. B5 seems to either work or it doesnt. VIlante cost a packet for me and it broke my skin out like crazy, really nasty persistant zits that have left red marks that are just starting to fade now 4 months later. unless dairy causes you a real problem or you actually dont like eating/drinking that you are totally wasting your time not eating it. Diet only causes acne in some people and if it is a problem for you, you will be able to tell easily once you stumble upon the culpert. I was down the diet
  10. I too tried the healthy route for almost a year but saw no results, and if anything it made my acne worse. All the stress of worrying about what you eat far outweighs the benefits for most people, in my opinion. totally agree with you here.
  11. dont ask me why but for 3 months i ate MEGA healthy (hardly any sugar, loads of veg, no dairy, no wheat) and my skin went really really bad. new years resoltuion was to stop worrying about diet and eat what i want. in past 3 weeks only one zit and my skin looks way better
  12. doesnt make one bit of difference to me. however as we all know everyones different when it comes to acne