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  1. mrc001

    Acne really sux

    acne sux
  2. YEP YEP YEP! Love it!!!!!!!!!! I won't use anything else. Glad to see someone else is using it. I absolutely love the system. It's easy and my skin feels fantastic. Hi Jai Yes... I'm also totally addicted to the peppermint smell. and skin is still healing... :D
  3. Yes in the morning use Cleanser, toner and lotion then follow with moisturizer. then at night use only the wash followed by 10% bp on pimples.
  4. Quit using Proactive about a year ago and started using Clear Advantage by Arbonne last April. Skin is finally starting to heal. Also been using a 10% BP on only the pimples at night. Just wondering who else is using this product? Seen alot of people here lately asking about Clear Advantage. you can buy it online from: http://www.mcollins.myarbonne.com
  5. Hi there. I have been mixing Dan's regime with the Clear Advantage since April. Morning -- Clear Advantage - Wash, Toner, Lotion. Night. -- Clear Advantage - Wash, then 10% BP only on pimples. have not dried out yet. during the day use good oil free moisturizer. You can also buy Arbonne from a consultant which is better b/c you will get more attention if something goes wrong and you won't have to deal with their 1-800-Arbonne Customer Service reps. They are te
  6. Hi Ryan Yes I've been using the Clear Advantage for a couple of months now. feel free to ask any questions. thanks mrc001
  7. hi Viv Are you still using the Arbonne Clear Advantage? I've been using it now for a couple of months and my skin is slowly healing. It cost about $43 + shipping. If you sign up as a consultant for Arbonne you can get the 35% discount. (I'm not really a consultant I just wanted the 35% discount.) I order mine from www.mcollins.myarbonne.com Proactiv.com is around: $49.95 + shipping. (I no longer use Proactiv b/c it dries my skin out.) With the Arbonne Clear advant
  8. Hi Momma Love I've been using the Clear Advantage from Arbonne for a while now. I 1st tried to go back on Proactiv a few months ago but it only dried my skin out. Since Clear Advantage is only 1% Salicylic Acid it hasn't dried my skin out yet. I order Clear Advantage from www.mcollins.myarbonne.com good luck
  9. I have acne. it sux. But having it on arms and back and anywhere else is more embarassing to me. I used to use ZNP zinc soap it works but it takes 3-6months to see results. This summer I started using Arbonne products and I'm actually amazed at the results. When taking a bath or shower 1st use the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub (This stuff Rocks!!!) then use the RE-9 Body Wash. (this stuff makes ur skin so soft that I recommend shaving b4 you do this!!!) After the bath I use the RE-9 Body Serum and
  10. Just here to update this info. I've been using the ZNP soap now for almost 1 year straight. I just keep re-ordering it b/c I know it works. It doesn't bleach clothes and has bascially no smell. And back and shoulders still looking great. They are now selling Stiefel ZNP (zinc) bar online. www.makemeheal.com it's around $7.52 Or u can still order it from your local Pharmacy and pay around $9-$10.
  11. I don't know about ordering it online. Guess you could do a search for it on Google or somewhere. I just order it from the Pharmacy. Good luck MC
  12. Hi everyone I was just curious if anyone has been trying the ZNP soap and is it working for you? Good Luck O:) MC
  13. I have been off ZNP Zinc Soap now for 1 month and i'm starting to have breakouts on shoulders and back. So I'm ordering more ZNP. I love this stuff. It works and I know it will dry it up quickly. Hope this can help some of you. Good Luck mrc
  14. Yes, You can use ZNP soap all over the body. And it doesn't smell weird. It doesn't really have a scent. I order the Soap at the Pharmacy. Good luck
  15. Has anyone tried the ZNP (zinc) Soap ? After 1-2 months on ZNP my Back and Shoulders were Clear. This coming summer no more Long Sleeves! Only Sleeveless Shirts and Bikini's!!!!