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  1. Yes it was La Mer. People have tried it on this board. Do a search if you wish.
  2. I read somewhere (on this site) that you CAN do it more than six times. I believe MAya contacted the Korean Doctors and they said that you can do it but you must be careful because you son't want to cause further scarring. I would just try a few and see how they turn out.
  3. About 100 or 150 bucks I think it varies but thats around the price.
  4. Hi JSB!!! His name is Dr. Howard Bargman and hes in Scarborough. He does this treatment. Iwent to hima and he did a few scars ao I didn't get any improvement. I'm uncertain wherther or not I'll go back for CROSS but I think I will. I have Icepicks and scarred pores.
  5. Yes Dr. Kellet. I have Ic picks and enlarged pores.
  6. I went to see her and I wasn't impressed. She examined my skin in her DARK office and talked to me for five minutes. She uses the erbium YAG laser for scar removal. I don't know of her true abilities as I never went through with the procedure. I here lasers no good anyway so I can't really say.
  7. Xemina

    TCA Cross

    I think its safe as long as you are GENTLE and use a GENTLE cleanser or mild soap. Try to stay away from acids until your done with your CROSS. At leat thats what I think.
  8. Hi Denise, I'm not sure if you saw her last thread on TCA cross while she was doing the procedure but her before pictures are there as well as progress pics.
  9. They offer this treatment at an office here in Toronto. I went for a conultation and saw some before and afters. One guy looked really good and he had pretty bad scarring prior to the procedure. I also saw a picture of a women with pitted acne scars and was not that impressed by the reults although the technician said that she was happy with her imoprovements and will be going back. I e-mailed the Doc who invented it and he said that it worked in some cases as well as dermabrasion. BUT thre
  10. Hi Curious P!!! If you have darker skin, I would go and see Dr. David Ellis. His office is called The Art of Facial Plastic Surgery on Shepherd Ave. just before Yonge St. I went to see him and he offers a treatment called needle dermabrasion which seems to help improve skin. I saw some pictures of a guy with severe scarring and after the procedure he looked ALOT better and he was brown. I've never done the procedure myself so I don't know of its efficacy, you will have to do research. I am
  11. Thank You so much Reilly. You look great and your beautiful. I am going to try cross again soon (waiting for skin to clear up better). I wish you all the best and I hope you have luck with the other procedures you choose.
  12. Everyone is different. 8 days to two week I believe is normal. However some people remain red for up to eight weeks. Everyone is different!
  13. Also keep in mind that you just were on accutane. Even though you were taking a low dosage, you may succeptable to further damage and improper healing. I think that you need to be more patient. I don't think anyone here likes their skin, thats why their here. BUT its absolutely necessary to be patient. You will get improvement but not by making rash decisions. Please be careful and if I were you, I'd take Collins advice.
  14. Hey Guys, I think you should check out the thread on Fraxel, if you hadn't already. If the laser is as good as it is deemed to be, maybe it will help your type of scarring in combination with the CROSS.
  15. My response to the CROSS was weird. One of my scars scabbed and filled in a little, its a bit shallow, but the other ones are still red. They didn't really scab and nothing "came off" they just turened red and stayed that way. I don't know what to make of this and its been about three weeks.