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  1. Hi all! Well after a looong hormonal journey, my acne has come back over the years (I am 31F). While I have been now treating it hormonally, with spironolactone and adding birth control pills soon, I have amassed a lot of new scars (many shallow boxcars, one very annoying rolling scar on the side of my mouth, a few icepicks). I am thinking of one more round of accutane and then will remain on the bcp and spiro afterward to hopefully prevent a relapse. And, after a year, fractionated Co2! Its
  2. Hey all.. I am on and off these boards for a long time now, its weird to see some of my old posts from years ago! Im 31 F and was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I've struggled with acne pretty much as long as I could remember. In high school I took a ton of antibiotics, and then it was different birth controls. When my insurance stopped after college and planned parenthood put me on Alesse, my face erupted. Once I got insurance with my new job, I underwent my first round of accutane at 23 and als
  3. yep, I got my first and only stye on my first round of accutane (starting my second round next month, about 4 1/2 years later) it will heal!
  4. oil came back about 4 months later, but then definitely got more oily 2 years later (and then acne started to come back month by month) Going to start my second course next month..
  5. Thanks for the advice... I know that there are many factors involved and that most likely accutane courses are doing harm on the body. Nonetheless, I have weighed the decision about the risk of long term side effects versus the strong effect that having acne has on my quality of life and want to do another course. UPDATE: went back to the gp, exactly 3 weeks after first visit, and this time was a little more firm about wanted a referral to a dermatologist so I could go on another round of accu
  6. Thanks for the replies! I'm calling tomorrow to go back, and try to explain my position again, with a list of everything I've done in the last decade.. I'll keep you guys posted. I'm so anxious and depressed about the possibility about not being able to have access to the one medication that I know can help me (both cystic acne and the neurosis / slight dysmorphia I have developed) even as an adult making an informed decision On the one hand, I feel lucky that having been on accutane before,
  7. I know... I was so surprised that she didn't give me the referral like I asked for, after I told her my patient history. I am going to write down a list of everything I've done (including a round of accutane 3.5 years ago which I want to do again) and definitely get the referral this time. The antibiotics she prescribed arent even doing anything on top of being a temporary solution that doesn't work for someone with long term chronic acne. I'll say that I really respect her opinion as a d
  8. Thanks... Its only been a week but I feel like I can already tell that, though the antibiotics are working from keeping anything get infected into a larger postule or cyst, the oil level and the comodones I have are the same..... Even if I can purge everything while the antibiotics are working in the next weeks I feel like I'm just going to get more comodones. I was looking at pictures of myself post accutane in the last years and how clear skinned and happy I looked. I know that is a projecti
  9. I left my new physician's office in tears today.. at least hoping after i explained how i have struggled with acne for most of my life that accutane was the only thing that worked for me four years ago, and in the last 10 months i have been getting more and more painful, unsightly, scarring cysts. she actually didnt give me a referral to a dermatologist at all, instead prescribed me doxycyclin, clindamycin, and retinol. I have taken these things so many times when I was younger and it is just
  10. so, as the topic says, haven't been here for a while because after I took accutane 2 years ago, I was able to have predictable skin for some time and not have to wake up with new surprises and no cysts. I am a 26 year old female and stopped taking yasmin 1 year ago, but in the last 2 months I have grown a patch of whiteheads on my jawline which now it seems like every week one blows up into a cyst. So now I have a bunch of red marks and usually 1 cyst at a time with maybe a week or two with not
  11. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I am post accutane too, changing my diet alone before could not nearly have helped me clear up. I tried it many times. Accutane really gave me my life back, and now I still will get small white heads, but they don't become large and inflamed and scarring which was the problem. Now, however, I believe I am noticing the helpful effects of some diet changes (limiting dairy and sugar) and the DK regimen which wouldn't have made a difference before to keep me clear.
  12. Thanks... This is life... Icecream was (is) once my hands down favorite food in the whole world.
  13. I'm not exactly sure what non-lactose milk is, but is it better for acne do u think? I really really agree that there is a lot of hormones in dairy, especially in the united states that can really trigger acne in women who have the tendency to have hormonal acne. Does anybody have any recommendations about a preffered milk? Is there any acne-friendly cheese and icecream out there?
  14. Hi, I know artificial sweeteners have loads of problems with them but in the occasional instances Im drinking a diet coke/coke or adding sweetener to tea do u recommend using the artificial sweeteners? I'm a fairly healthy eater, not perfect, and I do believe that sugar contributes to my personal acne. Thanks!
  15. cool. but isn't needling extremely invasive? i wouldn't call it "non invasive" right?