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  1. Hi there.. Just wanted to know what kind of product, people would recommend for cleaning your face with.. I'm on roaccutane right now and it leaves my face looking really bad in the morning with dry skin hanging from everywhere. I'm after a face wash that won't irritate the skin and is available over the counter here in the UK. Thanks Gitesh
  2. steveinaustin... This product may be what you are looking for.. http://www.body4real.com/Html/Priva_1.htm
  3. i found this site a while ago about removing body hair.. For guys who work out a lot, its irratating to have chest hair (im my experience anyway) and have always wanted to try this product.... http://www.body4real.com/Html/epil_2.htm Anyone ever tried it? The site has loads of other hair removal products aswell. Theplu
  4. Hi Came arcross this site.. http://www.natural-fairness.com/ It claims the soap lightens the skin and fades acne blemishes.. anyone think it works? Gitesh
  5. Hey there.. Just cam across this website for a soap that reduces acne blemishes.. http://www.natural-fairness.com Anyone ever tried it? Gitesh
  6. AWWW... someone out there must be able to put some pics up plz.. or atleast give a good description of each... Gitesh
  7. hmm.. Ok... i don't think i'm too sure myself now... could someone post some pics up so i can tell the difference and compare them to what i have please?? Gitesh
  8. I've been reading these past days what is best to use to fade scars and there are so many different creams people suggest.. Just wanted to know what creams a majority would agree to actually working...??? Gitesh
  9. yeh its quite annoying.. i'm clear on my face.. the acne hit me the most on back back.. and i didn't help it much when i was a teen as i use to pick it. I'm willing to go to a laser specialist but $4000 does sound like a lot of money.. did they say they would be able to remove all the marks for good. Do you think Dermacure will actually make a difference or is it just another fad? I've read up on loads of products that say they can remove marks but never sure if they actully can.. An
  10. Hey guys.. This is my first post here so hello to everyone!! I've got acne scars on my back and chest and was wondering what i could do for them. I have scars all on my back and a few on my chest.. the ones on my back are a bigger issue for me as they don't look too good What kind of treatments could i have done to remove/fade these? Is laser an option? Gitesh