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  1. No, I still have A LOT left but my derm told me that I was done. I actually went a month longer than I should was told. Maybe ill sell them?
  2. to myself I just finished my 6 month run with accutane! But I bought more than I needed and have extra accutane...I guess ill just burn it LOL. Im so happy to be done with it though. Heres to a new life
  3. I have 1 more month left on accutane. I am practically clear at this point, but im doing the extra month to kick acne in its ass. My derm told me that its typically the patients that go clear for the last 2 months of treatment that are cured. I just fell pretty hard on my face and cut half of it open. I got it all disinfected and whatnot but dont know whether to stop accutane or not. I saw a derm and at first he said to stop it but then when i told him i only had 1 month left he said to keep on
  4. http://edition.cnn.com/2005/HEALTH/11/30/f...face/index.html Theres a video on there too. What do you guys think? It says that its only for severe burn patients and should not be considered elective but I wonder how long it will be until it is available to people with bad acne scars?
  5. My derm firmly told me that any hairloss while on accutane was temporary. I hope hes right.
  6. Were you completely clear for 2 months while on accutane?
  7. Alright I've been sitting back and watching the response and I'm not going to answer every single post, but one thing I will point out one thing. As someone very explicitly pointed out, I said "an ugly person OR a loser"=2 different adjectives, I was not linking one to the other. I appreciate the people who have actually answered the question instead of being offended. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I'm refering more to a fall from grace to misery vs. a fall from sadness to
  8. I first started getting pimples when I was 11-12. They were extremely mild at that time but it was always manageable until 16. I was (and still am) a very good looking person, albeit with bad acne/marks/some scars now. I was wondering whether it would be worse to be a bad looking person with acne? I mean, a bad looking person or a loser is still only a bad looking person or a loser even if he/shes got acne=no change with clear face. Being a good looking person you could be walking towards a good
  9. I lose 50 hairs each time I shower, 20 more when I comb my hair, 50 more when I sleep and probably more just walking around. I wish I was losing 3-4 hairs a day.
  10. I would assume that a blow drier would be the worst. I don't know about drying it with a towel or just leting it run though. I would think that if you don't dry your hair it goes into your scalp which would be bad?
  11. Is it OK to put soap on the rash? I use moisturizing soap. Also, would aquaphor help the rash? Im using body cream for it....I dont know if its helping too much though.
  12. I heard that you were not supposed to take Zinc with Accutane. Meanwhile the properties of Vit E have not been proven, but there is a chance that it helps your skin repair itself.
  13. Anyone have any information on this?