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  1. Guy's that stuff aint acne. That's all ingrown hairs your talking about. It looks like acne, but is not.
  2. im sure Usher has some minor scars. For sure he has battled acne through his teenage years and still does. I noticed his scars in one of his videos
  3. piss is completely sterile. I don't know if it works on acne, but it is generally know that after you have unprotected sex with someone and you may think she is a little dirty, you piss on your dick.
  4. ehgirl, i don't like dogging people but stay away from fairview laser. the doc is in love with money. I blew a good $6000 and i am not happy at all and i still dont see much improvement.
  5. I hate to break it to you guys its all lightning. Your skin doesnt change at all. Look at yourselves in different lighting. The worst types of lighting is overhead and rear lighting thus casting shadows. How do you think they make people look so good at glamour shots and in studios(its all lighting). Even Brad Pitt seems to have amazing skin in good lighting. Keep a mind on lighting.
  6. I had six smoothbeam treatments. If i saw any improvement at all it may only be 10%. It cleared up some active acne. As for scars most are still there. In the end it was a total waste of money.
  7. 5 treatments every 4 weeks with a microdermabrashion in between. My scars weren't to bad. They were all bunched up around my jawline and mostly rolling. I'll say i had 8 or 9. Now visibly their ar probably 2 that are still a little noticeable, but i am happy. Next year i might do another round of smoothbeams, but for now i am happy. I wan't to know how long these blisters will last and if they will scar at all or leave red marks. If they do i might be back where i started
  8. thanks for the reply form chicago. Well not factoring these blisters. I say the treatments have gotten me probably 50% or more of an improvement. I had rolling scars, the ones that aren't bound. Anyways some scars are still there but alot smaller or less noticeable. I am happy with the results. I am praying these blisters don't set me back or do any damage. I havent touched one yet. I am just leaving them alone.
  9. Ok, yesterday i went for my fifth and final smootbeam session. I had every session done on setting 14 without any problems. Yesterday night i went and looked at my face and their are 13 blisters on it. I don't know what to do. If anyone experienced this how long did it take to go away. please help
  10. matchit


    for those who have recieved needling with a tatoo gun, can you post your results and how many times you've had it done. Thank you
  11. Yes emily. i searched the websit and it gave me Dr. Jain. It is in In Toronto. I dont know if you are in toronto but it is at Leslie St. and YorkMills rd.
  12. newbie here. I have been browsing this forum for a few months now but never joined. I have been doing the vinegar method for about a month, and lastweek i was intregued by this smoothbeam. I have minor scarring mostly rolling. If i stretch my skin it vanishes. I have been tormented by acne since i was 14 and now am 20. I pretty much got my breakouts in control. I just came back for a consultation with a derm and she suggested smoothbeam combined with microdermabrasion. I go on Tuesday for my fri