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  1. carolla


    Thanks for your replies girls, No my doc said that I don't have any of the syptoms of hormale imbalance. Im not to sure why he decided to to put me on Spiro.Im going to find a family doctor and ask them to do a blood test for hormone imbalance.
  2. carolla


    Well here I am again....I recently did a 7month course of Accutane and after a few months I was clear,happy and confident... I was myself again. So about a month and half off tane and the acne is starting to creep up again,full swing before my period.Yesterday I went to the Derm and he basically told me that I will have acne until I reach menopause .Im 25 years old and I started crying in front of this man that I call my derm. He told me that either to try accutane again or that I could go on S
  3. Hey Hun, I just did 7 month of Accutane and it work very well on my skin WHILE I WAS ON IT.I was clear for about 3 months and the acne is starting to come back....I cant even explain into word what Im feeling right now.So I went to the derm yestherday and he put me on Spironolactone (50mg)Im praying that this will keep me under control.
  4. thanks james, did you buy accutane online?what about blood test and montly check up just wondering...
  5. Thanks LaFawnduh,and good luck with the rest of your course I hope you get clear skin soon!!! Sharon,congrats on getting accutane.I dont have any scars anymore.I had alot of redmarks on my checks and my chin where most of my acne where.I not sure if accutane took care of them or I stop paying attention to it and they stareted to go away...all I have to say is accutane made me a happy girl again!!!best of luck to your journey of clear skin!!!
  6. Thank you so much for all your replies,This website is really great but if you were like me I was glue to my computer screen almost every night and you hear so many horror stories and it scared the hell out of me. Ill will keep talking the rest of my pill I still have a little over a month to go.Ill stay at 40mg a day I feel pretty comfortable at that dose. ThereIsHope: I didn't really get a IB but it took a few months before it got better.I had hormonal acne(big painful pimple that came out
  7. Thank you and good luck Muddinbrute
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that accutane gave me my life back,like most of you I was obsess with my skin.I couldn't stop thinking about it.I affected my jobs,relationships,pretty much everything.I been on accutane for 4 and half month and my skin look great.I can sleep at night and wake up in the morning without running to the bathroom to put on some make up before anyone can see me.I just went to the dentist for the fist time in 3years and I don't run to the bathroom to put on make up
  9. carolla

    Low dose treatment (24f)

    Day 52 Felling better I didnt experience any side effect(lower back/nose bleed) and I only had one little one today and one on my back its a bit strange because i never get them there,ah well better on my back then my checks. I have been using aquaphor on my lips for a while now but I not really working anymore so I decided to buy some DR Dans cortibalm...man that stuff is expensive to ship to Canada its gonna cost me 38$can...its better be worth it(fingers cross) when did you guys start feelin
  10. carolla

    Jenny & Accutane

    oh wow congrat hun,I cant wait until I can say the same for myself
  11. carolla

    Low dose treatment (24f)

    Day 50 Things are not getting better,my lower back was killing me today and I had my first nose bleed at work.ah so embarasing. A few new spot,lots of red one...over all im feeling like shit
  12. carolla

    Low dose treatment (24f)

    Day 49 arggg still getting lots of spot!!!!so frustrating,accutane is allot of work I sure hope so its going to be worth it...Im starting to lose a bit of hope.I skip 2 days cause my lips were so swollen(they still are) Im starting to look like Angelina Jolie.Man its hurt to eat or to look at my self in the mirror.I also getting allot of little bump everywhere,it might just be another mistery of accutane.
  13. carolla

    A.C.'s log

    best of luck on your accutane journey:)
  14. carolla

    tan and $

    i like in toronto,can 40mg a day was 60$ a month 10$ per derm visit....blood work is free