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  1. Hey there! Well, I'm sorry to hear about all the crap your dealing with right now I LOVED PC BHA! Loved loved loved it! I started with the 1 % and quickly moved to 2% it didn't dry me out at all and normally I have major issues with SA. One thing I think helped a lot too is I got some of the samples of her BP and used that on problem areas it really wiped out any zits that were forming. I hope it works for you and you don't have to deal with Tane. Have a great time in the Yucatan again! I'm je
  2. Hi all thanks as always for checking in on me Eloise. I'm 15 weeks today and everything is going really well. I had an ultra sound at around 9 weeks and got to see my little baby...looked more like a shrimp than a baby at that time. My morning sickness got pretty rough for a while there, throwing up 3-4 times a night! Yeah no "morning" sickness just evening and night sickness. It's just now going away, I'm down to about once a week now. I get my big ultra sound on Sept 6th and would be able t
  3. Eloise, go read my log I'm definitley not on the Retin A any more!
  4. Queen where are you? I know I've been MIA for a while.....truthfully I just haven't been thinking about my skin which I guess is a good thing! Means it must not be too bad. Hope all is well with you:)
  5. Hi! Congrats on being made a mod I missed a lot I see. I'm still loving that salt water comrpess on any stubborn zits I may get. I'm feeling okay so far.....when my stomach gets empty I get sick and I'm tired but other than that no complaints:D thanks for stopping by my log and asking.
  6. Hello my friend:) long time no talk. I'm sorry to hear you were having some issues with your skin again. It sounds like you might have figured it all out. I can relate to skin changing with the seasons....mine is dry and oily right now of there might be other reasons for that too;)
  7. Where is Bobbi? hehee! It has been a loooooong time hu? Face wise everything has been great! Still using the Paula's Choice stuff. And I started using this supplement about 3 months ago. It's called Vitex or Chaste Berry it's supposed to regulate hormones and claims to clear skin also. Between that and the BHA's I've been about 99% clear for about 2.5 months..........and then I found out some big news ..........................................................................................
  8. Queen- LOVE IT Just think how great it is for your skin to not see sunshine for 6 months out of the year I'm feeling you with the ghost like look....
  9. Hi, just checking out your log Frist of all I just want to say congratulations on quitting smoking! That's probably the best decision you could make for your skin. My Mom smoked for probably 30 years and you can definitley see the effects of againg from it. I think Queens suggestion of washing the Trentinoin off to start is a good one. I had the worst experience with Retin A and my skin literally falling off. My skin never looked worse than when I was using it too much and too often. So take
  10. gimansta-I got the gel. The cleanser makes me a little tight feeling when I use it to jessfoliate but not with regular washing and no it does not foam. It's pretty creamy. I'm telling you the salt water compress is the best! Everything is still going good with the BHA's. I'm getting a bit of purging, but not nasty like. Just the hard little plugs coming out. I'm pretty surprised it's not drying my skin out more than it is. Most nights I forget or fall asleep before I moisturize and I've had ver
  11. Hi Willow, I'm glad your chin is finally clearing up. That is so great what your Mom said about your skin! That must have thrilled you to no end. If I remember correctly your Mom was staying with you through the really bad time you were having so she has seen you at your worst and now to have her notice such a difference is so great. I wanted to let you know how great the salt water compress worked on my papule that I had....I soaked a cotton ball in it & left it on for about 20 minutes an
  12. First of all I have to give props to Queen and Willow! I love you guys Queen-got my Paula's Choice BHA's on Friday. Even though I was scared to use SA I did and so far so...great! I can see already that it's improving texture, clearing out pores and the few redmarks I had are fading quick! That is all from the 1%! Willow-I tried the salt water compress on my stupid papule and it came to a head. Not a big head but I was able to at least relieve some of the pressure. I was also getting one be
  13. Hey Queen just had to drop by and tell you thanks for introducing me to the BHA's. They are working great so far. Glad your trip went good except for the minor skin problems. I'm sure if people told you that you looked great you did Most people just don't say anything, at least that's how I am, hahaha. Thanks again
  14. Queen- wow I thought your house was sold already. Well I hope it goes through and it's off your hands soon. I hope you had a good time in Ca too. I'm sure it is sad to see your house now, I know I would miss a beautiful house like that myself. Sounds like you've got a huge project ahead of you also. Sounds like lots of fun:) I took your advice and ordered samples of the 1% and 2% also so samples of cleanser. Her prices are so reasonable! I'm shocked at how cheap everything is. T Jay- hi there
  15. Sounds right on par with what my skin looked/felt like on SA so you convinced me Queen! I'm off to shop