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  1. so i use dermablend smooth indulgence and it does a pretty good job on my marks but i notice my scars are pretty much still there and they are basically like rolling down my face. any good makeup out there for rolling scars ?? thanks
  2. can i drink the ACV form a shot glass? like pour some in and then just take it?? and do it 3 times a day i suppose. and this also helpes shallow rolling scars, right? or just spots thanks again for the info.
  3. dude, my scars and red marks are 100 times worst then yours. im the one thats afarid of taking pictures, but bleive me, i have like really dark red spots and my scars are everywhere, but the tazorac is really helping it come back to old form. and yes after the first week my skin was very raw and senisitve, and turned red if i washed to hard or with too much soap. But after a while my skin started getting use to to the tazorac and now i do get red and itchy sometimes but its all within the pro
  4. you guys need to get off hunters back and just recgonize that this does work. how do i know? i have been doing this the past week and a half and my skin is looking alot better. no joke, i seriously have the worst red marks and rolling scars. im only 18 (male) and i have done everything from accuatne, laser, proavtic, masks, peels, medicine, diets, vitamins, i have done them all. I do still take vitamins everyday but this tazorac is doing wonders... so far, and this is only my 1st week of using i
  5. the actual cream liquid.
  6. do you guys do anything special before you apply your dermablend onto ur skin. i use the foundation and a sponge. i put the sponge under real hot water for like 10 seconds, let it dry then use it. or sometimes i gently put a really hot cloth barley over my face to help soak in.. anything you guys do? please share
  7. how much lotion? like just a dab? or what... thx for sharing to
  8. YES, i hate it i never know which mirror is telling the truth ! i love yellow lights but when i go look in a mirror that is osley being reflected my light it looks soooo bad ( red marks), but i never know what mirror looks like the real thing that people see, i hate it !
  9. im on my 2nd week free of accuatne and i still have spots left over but i wanna make sure i dont have any more cyst come up, how long should i wait till i start using masks, and other gels to maintain my fac ei have now and not anything worse? is 2 weeks enough? thx for the help
  10. marks have always been my #1 problem, my face iterally has not one good spot, it is entirely filled with red marks some with a little bitof purple in it. im not exagerrating i have read threads when people are complaining about red marks and theres is always like a freckle compared to mine. my entire cheek on both sides has red slashes and marks.. question is i just came off of accuatne and i know marks will start to fade but since marks have always been my # 1 problem i need advice to help it
  11. ok have fun chillin at home guys hope your not spending your spring break on these forums :|
  12. i am a month away from finally finishing up my course, its gone fairly wel excpet for my spots. im also going to the beach, and i was just wondering if any of you guys are going to take any serious precaution. i will wear some sun screen but i dont have the type of skin that gets burn, i usally just get tan. are you guys drinking? if so, how much? is it as dangerous as they say?