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  1. I work at an animal hospital and the worst case of a skin problem on an animal I saw was this poor dog...his whole legs were completely covered in itchy, bleeding, raised skin. It was horrible, I felt so bad for him..It was so itchy that he chewed a whole in his leg because of it. I was also looking at one of the dermatology books at my work and there are a billion different skin issues animals get. Rainz~ How do you know for sure that animals in the wild dont have skin issues? Humans are
  2. It's not that animals are stupid, it's just that, they dont know what roads are or what cars are. They dont know that a car is going to come speeding down the road and is capable of taking their life. Thats why some dogs run after cars, because they dont know what they are. Animals think instinctually, while Humans think more logically (well not really, because Humans are f'ing morons, but u catch my drift).
  3. hahhaa yes ur absolutely right...the sad thing is, is that people probably dont know that....they dont associate leather with a once living being. They think Leather is a material, like cotton or something Cotton is a material made from a living being. Cotton comes from the ground, and plants are living but they are not beings..They dont have a central nervous system. Maybe ur thinking of wool?
  4. hahhaa yes ur absolutely right...the sad thing is, is that people probably dont know that....they dont associate leather with a once living being. They think Leather is a material, like cotton or something
  5. Sorry but ur an idiot :rolleyes: It's "silly" to care about the welfare of animals (living beings)? It's "silly" to think its "silly"....lol...And whose to say that those Vegans don't care about the starving people in africa? Its ignorance like yours that makes this world what it is today...a mess. Anyway, I think Vegetarians and Vegans get more flack from meat-eaters than they give out. I'm a Vegetarian, now Pesco-Vegetarian, who was criticised constantly about not eating meat and I alwa
  6. I gave my "new " regimen about a week before I post it to see if it really is working or if it was just a two day thing. Well so far it really is working! Here's my background on skin: I always have pimples on my forehead due to the oiliest skin ever..and the oil just got worse as I aged (now 21). I also get some on my chin, due to hormones (but this is only occasionally). I have sensitive cheeks that flush easily too. So here's my regimen: 1.) Wash twice a day or sometimes three times w
  7. well I've used Vitamin A cure for a while now and I have seen NO reduction in oil whatsoever. What could I be doing wrong? I apply it to my skin at night and rub it in...wait a while and then apply Differin...Maybe the differin is what is not making it work? I cant stop the Differin or else my pimples would probably come back. Advice please
  8. Tetracycline and Differin (although my skin is more oily, it doesnt breakout as much).
  9. I work at an animal hospital and we perscribe Prednisone for allergies (related to skin)....I know this has nothing to do with you but couldnt help but post cause I saw the drug.
  10. ^ What do you like about that product the most..Why is it a godsend..I need specifics...lol I might want to purchase it, Thanks
  11. Mariah looks gorgeous in ur icon..just thought I'd say so..lol..I'm a girl so I dont use mens products but I'm glad they work for you. I wonder if Nivea makes women oil control products?
  12. It is a horrid song..glad I'm not the only one who thinks so
  13. I hate that song..I dont know why though, but I really hate it..
  14. ^ yea..there was something about him. He was so sweet
  15. I was watching this show about people who want to become the next big inventor. This kid/guy from either mexico or portagul or something..lol, invented a different kind of bike. He had pretty bad acne all over his face yet he didnt let it stop him from everything. He was confident in his creation and its like thats all that matter. He didnt care about his acne and just went out there and did his best. He was so sweet, I hope he goes far with his invention. I'm posting this, just to let peo