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  1. Hello, Does anyone know of natural cleaners or an ingredients that kills the acne bacteria before it starts and clears up existing acne? Something(s) that works like salicylic acid ( helps clean pores) and benzoyl peroxide ( kills bacteria) I have used black soap in the past but it dries out my face and causes what appears to be rashes ( tiny bumps emerging all over my face) Any Suggestions?
  2. Anyone?!?! I would like to thoroughly look at the internal for solutions as WHY I am getting acne. I went to see a naturopath today and I was very disappointed, to me, she was no different from all the rest I have seen. There soo many ways - Hormones, vitamin and mineral levels, food antibodies, celiacs, candida antibodies, unrine blood ….etc etc to determine WHY I am getting acne. There is no need to push supplements on me without first trying to discover WHATS causing my acne…nearly ALL
  3. Jenny, I agree with you and been saying similar for years! Thank you so much for sharing. Anyway, can someone please tell me how to test for Demodex mites? Can you buy a test online somewhere?? I have a zillion of tiny tiny pimples on my jaw line that emerged after the use of a home salicylic acid peel. My face broke out even worse. It's been almost 3 weeks now. I am trying to take care of myself internally..I just want to address the external now.
  4. ..If anyone has it and dont mind sharing, can you please PM me? I'd REALLY appreciate it
  5. find out the cause of your acne? At this point in my life I think it is caused by hormones but how can I know for sure? How did you find out the cause of your acne?
  6. OR are there any naturopathic doctors here online that I can talk to?..I dont mind any fees
  7. This site has loads of wonderful information - very informative! I need to make the next step in seeing naturopathic doctor. 10 years I have suffered form acne and til this day I cannot get rid of it, I’m soo tired of this battle. Can anyone recommend a good naturopathic doctor in Toronto? If I have to travel a bit further I will.
  8. For The ones who have used Accutane and completed the program, Approximately how soon after did your the acne return after you stopped using it (if any at all)? Did it get better or worse after it returned?