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  1. My daughter's derm says no liquid make up is good for acne prone skin. She suggests wearing only powder. It does sound harsh, but unless you really need the heavy coverage (the odd time), you would be doing your skin a favour and probably cutting the healing time in half, if you try to stay away from liquid foundation.
  2. Wow, I have never heard of that. I thought accutane just worked with oil producing glands. I would really step up the fruit and veggies for the fibre, and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. If the constipation continues, I would check with the Doctor.
  3. I am 40 years old, do not have acne and never use a cleanser on my face. I wear make-up. Water will wash off oil free make up. I use mascara remover on my eyes. I have been using Oil of Olay Moisterizer for years. Some people don't need a cleanser. My daughters, on the other hand use Spectro Gel. Different strokes for different folks. It is definitely worth a try!
  4. Clindoxyl Gel. (Clindamycin and BP). it works great. The BP dries the skin and the Clindamycin is antibiotic. We are in Canada, so, I don't know what it is called anywhere else.
  5. My daughter's derm never said it wouldn't come back, as a matter of fact, she said it probably would, but not as bad. She was right.
  6. What is the tazorac called that you are using? My daughter has been using Tazarotone Cream for 1.5 years and it never burned her face. She used other things that did burn, but no the Tazarotone.
  7. You shouldn't be putting any BP product close to your eyes, so why would the skin surrounding your eyes dry out?
  8. I would use a mild cleanser like Spectro Gel, or Dove. really careful about using anything like "clear complextion" stuff etc., if you are using other acne medication. Some have warnings about using with other acne products. I know Spectro Acne Cleansing Pads are not to be used with any other acne medication, so read the directions.
  9. Cindy, would you rather have a face full of ice pick scars that you have to "fill" with makeup? If you look after your skin with what the derm tells you to use and most of all....stay OUT of the sun and TANNING beds! Drink tons of water, eat a healthy diet, and don't drink or smoke. Sometimes aging skin is a result of a lifestyle and not much to do with treating acne.
  10. FYI, a pregnancy test is part of the monthly bloodwork. The derm does baseline bloodwork, including a pregnancy test BEFORE the patient even starts accutane, then bloodwork is done monthly. All bases are covered, or should have been.
  11. Listen to the derm. My daughter was on only 10mg a day and her acne cleared up completely. She gets the odd breakout now, but uses clindoxyl gel and tazerotone cream and is fine. Why do you think the derm is a derm an we are not?
  12. I think if someone is predisposed to depression, Accutane may not be the drug for them. My daughter was fine on it, but she is a very happy person. Her friend just recently went on it, and already is experiencing depression. She doesn't eat, and won't go out. Her friend has always been moody, which in retrospect may have something to do with her depression now. She is also experiencing severe back pain and a severe breakout. She is only 2 months into the accutane. I think generally Accutan
  13. I agree. There are so many different types of acne and sometimes it takes awhile for a derm to find out what medication will work. I think a derm would be a moron if he decided to put all patients on accutane without trying anything else first. Accutane is a very strong drug and should only be used on certain types of acne. That being said, some derms are morons, but not the majority.
  14. If you get your skin cleared up with the oral, then try Clindoxyl Gel. It is Clindamycin and BP in a topical cream. Works great to keep the bacteria off of the skin. My daughter has been off Accutane for awhile now, but had a breakout recently. She started using clindoxyl gel, and within 4 days, her skin was clear.