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  1. hey mate glad to hear puch excisions work..I only have about 4 rolling scars on my left jawline ( dont know if they are bound down or not (i think only 1 is) I'm not scarred a lot. My derm said after i am totally clear of acne i can consider punch excisions or excisions alone. I will tell her abput the fear of getting pigmented. Also the procedure makes a lot of sense especially on 2 of these scars they are alone and seem perfect thet they will be filled in. After that i will ask about the other
  2. hey ! i would like to know how much often do you use retin a? i only use once a week at night and it is mixed with hydroquinone 5%. And how strong is the retin a? I use Retin A 1 and i think this is quite strong since next morning it is like a bad sun burn however my skin even though just 4 times i used it seems to be getting used to it. Me too i seem to notice improvements.Maybe the scars(i only have on my left jawline) seem to get softer and only bother me a lot when i shave.Retin a seems t
  3. forgot to ask 2 questions...will it probably give better results than subsicion and n-lite combined together will fillers if necessary and is subsicion needed before smoothbeam for indents? also is there someone who does smoothbeam in London?
  4. i have the same question as swift. Only have a small area with what they seam 4 indents (rolling scars which seem shallow) and just around them that slight wavy look. How will be the healing after smoothbeam? I will be flying to London in 5 years time to study and i am still 19 and i will be 24 by then.That;s y why i have a question if it still will work if i wait
  5. hey longits don't be too hard on yourself.. I had roaccutane when i was 17 and cleared all my acne without scars.However acne came back but just a little bit and now i have these just a few scars that bother me.So don't think cause u didn't take roaccutane its your fault there are the scars. I've seen a lot of people argue about roaccutanr good for acne but sometimes causes scars and i think it is true since roaccutane slowds down the healing process. I didn'tget scars before roaccutane evern th
  6. Thanks a lot Lola for telling us about this package Dr.Chu is giving. I only have about 4 indents that bother me on one jawline and that's why i hate shaving..apart from these between these 4 indents i have that wavy look. I think my scars are shallow rolling type and would definetely get much better with subsicion and n-lite and after some sort of filler.I am still 19 and luckily breakouts are not so bad now just individuals that leave nothing besides red marks which then go with time. I would
  7. acne is disappearing thanks to benzoyl peroxide .I have been washing my face with panoxyl wash and put panoxyl aquagel 10% benzoyl peroxide at night. I have great looking skin now and good skin tone. The only problem is on the left jawline where i have about 4 indents which bother me ( they seem shallow) and some wavy skin between them. I strectched my skin and altough they didn;t disappear completely i think about 90% nearly were gone. I agree with what the author of this topic said although i
  8. i only have about 4 rolling acne scars on one jawline and i don't think they are deep...between these 4 there are like some wrinklish skin which gives the wavy appearance....i strecthed the skin and i noticed that yes the depressions became much less and nearly all although not 100% nearly came to the level of the surrounding skin...Is is true smoothbeam will take care of them? I thought i need subsicion and n-lite for these type. I am still 19 and god knows when i will have to money to go ab
  9. anyone getting great results from this method on rolling acne scars which aren't that deep.I have slighty bumpy rolling scan and maybe 4 indents that bother me on my left jawline online and i think they are shallow.Do i splah vinegar all day long or just once in the day and once in the night? Anyone who can tell me who this method has given them good results i would be interested to hear your story..If this does not work i will probably opt for subsicion in thress years time and then do n-li
  10. hey raffaele...i have the exact problem as you! i mean i still have active acne but i am 19 years old and the acne i am getting doesnt scar fortunately...However like you i have good skin except also on the left side i have 4 indented scars just like yours exactly.The difference is that i dont have that awkward looking scar between them but i am basically the same.Also mine are on the left jawline not on the left cheek...I tried the stretch test and I must say the area nearly all filled out even
  11. Hello there....First of all thanks for all the support and courage you give us and information which you supply us. So first of all I am 19 years old who suffered acne.(and still does although much less than before).Altough acne bothers me and leaves red marks I don't really give them attention because acne goes it should in two years time and the ones i have fortunately are not scarring.(just red marks which fade with time). My question is the only thing that bothers me and gets me down
  12. hey guys i have minimal scarring just a bit on one jawline i think they are shallow rolling acne scars which aren't that visible by someone who doesn't know they are there. As far as indents i only have about 3 and only 1 bothers me. Things got better when i did 2 microdermabrasion sessions since it smoothed the area though it is still sensitive. I am scared to put something such as vinegar on it or any other product and i hate flaky skin. Flaky skin makes scars look worse i think. Can this meth
  13. can someone tell me what isolagen is exactly? Can subscision and n-lite be all i need if i only have a really small area to do and my about 3 indetions are broad and shallow and soft?
  14. is it true that if you do subsicion for about three times the idents will fill up and nearly disappear? I only have about 5 indentions in my whole face all on the left jawline...They are shallow and they are definetly rolling scars..no ice pick and boxcar.....Will subscion bring me the best improvement followed by n-lite laser...considereing that i only have a small area and they are not really deep.... Tell me what u think plz