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  1. Has anyone tried Cosmetyn for stretch marks or any other related treatment. PLEASE let me know
  2. Wynne I went to a derm. for the cross and so I don't think she made a mistake, for the sun exposure... I ride my bike to school and play soccer frequently and used sunscreen for the most of the time. I used Aquaphor for only about a week. Isn't the worsening of the scars normal? What other steps do I need to take in order to prevent any possible damage? Does smoking (1 cig. with a drink every few days) affect the healing process? Thank you. I feel like complete crap guys, I just read a po
  3. its almost been 3 weeks since my TCA cross, now my scars look somewhat worse and I now have been applying the cp serum on my face. Any ideas if and when I should see improvement? Thank you
  4. I went to a derm. she did a TCA 100% cross on me a few days ago, but she missed some scars and she charged me 125 bucks, i was wondering how other people are doing it themselves and where they are buying the stuff from. PLease help me, I don't want to spend 125 each time... thank you
  5. I have been reading this forum for years and I too am interested in treatment for my acne scarring, with all the reading it seemed as though tca cross was the most effective also to support that was the korean study on tca cross. I don't understand why the focus has shifted to fraxel, is fraxel better?
  6. I really don't have pitted scars though, would TCA cross still be effective? And it seems as though TCA cross is the best choice for acne scar treatments? anyone beg to differ? Thank you...
  7. Has anyone with pretty bad scarring recieved improvement from around 70 percent and/or above? Anybody?
  8. First of all I have been plauged with skin disease, from acne to acne scars to stretch marks, etc.. I also have these signifcant lines under my eye forming like a circle, I hear its from a lack of sleep but I think I get an adquate amount, however does anyone know of a treatment taht works effectively and can get rid of them? thank you
  9. I have been plagued with skins disorders. I have had severe acne, and now scaring. I also have mad bacne... which is disgusting and I also now have stretch marks that cover my biceps, upperback, and upperchest. Does anyone know of anything that would get rid of my stretch marks... i am so desperate, i am a quartermile away from the beach and i hestitate to go because of the disfiguring skin conditions. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME, I AM SO DESPERATE!!!!
  10. Hey buddy I hope you stop thinking about this sucide non-sense... don't give up on your life man. I also suffer from acne problems, I have facial scars, I have a shit load of acne on my back. and to top it off I have stretch marks on my biceps, chest, and back. Also, at times I feel like shit, I can never show off my body, I get very self consicious of my looks. Just wait it out man, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I am also pretty confident that I will get a bangin girl, ju
  11. the price is 12.95, that doesn't make any sense... why is it so cheap?
  12. Where could i purchase 100% TCA solution... anyone know of a good and respectable place to buy it?
  13. Does this product have long term and permant effects; like for example, help restore or promote the growth of collagen. I really don't understand how this works... is it temporary or is it permant?
  14. Does TCA Cross work on Stretch marks.... IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET RID OF STRETCH MARKS?
  15. I have some raised scars on my nose... they are like bumps... is there any over the counter products that I could apply on them?