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  1. does the eucerin renwal really exfoilate becasue the main ingredient is sodium lactate not lactic acid which as theexfoalitng properties. has anyone tried this. let me know is there any other ones on the market
  2. when you use a clealright it will on average reduce 60% of lesions. you still nedd to use a topicalk to prevent futre clog pores from developing so you don't get pimples. also after the 8 treatments i read that you needto go on maintance treatments with the clearlght like 1 a month.
  3. i have a little more than half a box of 10 mg accutane that i recently bought. if anyone needs let me know email me at [email protected]
  4. why do these weekly peels do papain a,re they gentler than aha's and help skin/
  5. Hi. alot of us have taken accutane and within a year the acne comes back some. i am getting clogged closed comedones and mild inflammatory. does each time you take a course improve each time so you get less afterwards?
  6. is there any water based, non-alcohol, non -irriatating for senstive skin? do topical antibotic cause an intial breakout? do they work in prevention and fro how long before ressistance? side effects? can anyone help with these quesions thank you
  7. for people who finished the smoothbeam with some acne? how long does it help acne before you have to get retreated? also, how much oil is reduced, light, medium or heavy like accutane (but too overdrying)? how long after does the oil come back to before treatment? thanks
  8. which cream of vit. a do they give for dry skin, since there so mant different vwersions out, howlong is the phase of the red face and peeling last and does it help?
  9. what about clearlight instead of the topical antibacterial and oral antibitucs plus a exfolaint? to lessen the irriation with 2 topicals, plus oral anitboticas don't always work , but after the 8 treatments i think you have to get amintance treamtents to keep the bacteria killed/ just an idea i ask a doctor about it post if any say if a good idea
  10. the eucerin is sodium lactate which won't exfolant, just mosirure, lactic acid will moisture and exfolant, try www.cosmederm.com does lactic acid prevent pores from clogging to begin with or does vitamin a only one that does that?
  11. anyone taken accutane ever get flushed on accutane but nver happened before taking it? does it go way when 1 month after last pill when out of sytem. what about the extrem dryness and redness, is there a timeline. i was n't reallt oily before taking it, what happens in healing?
  12. i have a box in the mail coming to me but i don't need it it is 10 mg 30 pills. it cost me 80 so, i'll sell it for half for 40 . anyone intersted, ill let you know when i receive it in the mail
  13. accutane corrects the abnormal shedding of cells nad if corrects permanetly then no more acne. about 50 prcwnt are cured the others milder than was before. the oil is usually a little less than was before, but is not the cause of acne. the question i think was how does your skin reover when finished , fragile, redness, dryness.....?thank you good luck
  14. i hope you or others are researching the main part using an electron microscope what causes the altered keratinzatin!