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  1. Hello - I guess I have not posted for awhile, likely cause I have not had acne on my mind - thanks to BP (which I have been using twice a day for 3 years, with great results). So I decided to try the AHA as i am older (30) and have been looking for a good exfoliating product that is compatible with BP. I've been using now for maybe a week or so. I decided to try the BP at night only with AHA only during the day. So far - not much change, though I must say my skin looks smoother. I have not suff
  2. Well the gel is lighter and it just goes on better. The OTS works, but its got kind of a pasty texture to it and can leave like some white film on my face. And I do think its more drying. Plus never mind the cost. An $8 bottle of CSR lasts me a few weeks, while a $7 tube of OTS lasts a few days.
  3. All this time later...the CSR is the only thing that has worked for me...ever. My skin is clear, I dont worry about it anymore ever. IMO this is by far the best anti acne regimen that exists in the world today. My gel is a regular part of my routine, and sadly enough I wish I would post more, but I don't because acne isn't a problem I think about anymore since I dont have a problem with it and I have what I need to keep my pimples on lock down!!!! Until today!!! when I realized I was on my last
  4. Til I grow out of it that is...At this point I wish I had my before pics for all you nonbelievers but you know, who wants to keep around zitty faced pics of them selves... Anyway...I've been on the regimen for just about 9 months, I'm 28, had tried everything before this, and THIS works. Not only is it cheap as hell, and soooo much easier and less time consuming than any other round the clock zit fighting method, It just works. After 15 years of searching for what will give me clear skin, I've f
  5. Maybe you should try the regimen right here on acne.org. basically all it is gentle cleansing and lots of benzoyl peroxide. I'm 28 tried it all (except accutane) and its the only thing that has really worked. I still get a few pimples a month, mainly before my period, but i look presentable all the time, even first thing in the morning. and I do belive its safe even in pregnancy...(someone correct me if I'm wrong)...
  6. LOL...You know probably some guy got this theory going and helped spread it around the world just to encourage the facials...
  7. well I must admit I've been a picker at times...not as much lately because my skin is under control for the most part, but yes as I've gotten older my skin will definately scar more easily (i'm 28). I will tell you that retin-a helps skin cells grow back faster and in a more normal fashion so that may give you an edge. I was on retin a for four years and nothing scarred, in fact any scar that I had (minor ones) got better while on it. Still best to not mess with it too much though. And definate
  8. I think we all feel your pain...I certainly do..I'm 28, dealing with acne for bout 15 years. And as a woman I think its even harder. Men are expected to be a little rougher. Us ladies are riding so much more pressure to look perfect. Especially when we get a little older. I'm a very visible, successful professional. When I have to face my clients with a face full of zits, I have zero confidence. I dont even want them to look at me. It hurts my career. Never mind dates. My friends. Family. I've s
  9. well I was on most bc pills, none helped my acne...but stay away from depo provera! - it may not make your skin worse, but it will make you fat..and fast at that.
  10. Hey there - having been on retin a micro for four years, I have to say that althought the texture of my skin was great and I had less superficial pimples, it did nothing for cystic acne, perhaps even aggravated it. I am 28, used retina a from 22-26. The only thing that has really made a difference for me is the regimen (been on for 8 months - my skin is about 99% clear)
  11. Well the regimen in itself only takes me about 10-15 minutes morning and night. Another 10-15 for makeup (I'm female) ... Without the regimen I would have spent 30-40 on makeup covering up my nasty breakouts. Small price to pay.
  12. I had that same problem, about the same time in (2-3 ms - for me I'm in New England, and the weather got harsh)... I was using that same moisturizer and it just didnt cut it anymore with the cold dry weather. I switched to a heavier one ( Aveeno Positively Radiant) and problem solved. I dont know where you are geographically but that may be an issue.
  13. So my skin looks really good...and has been for a long time thanks to Dan's Regimen. I've decided I've earned the right to try new things. The only thing that has bothered me all this time is that the regimen hasn't left me the option to treat my getting older (slower to shed, starting to wrinkle) skin...SO- I've picked up a toner containing glycolic acid (35%)...and instead of using neutro fresh foaming cleanser with a facial buffing pad, I've moved to Neutro anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish scrub..
  14. My boys are 12 and 5 but their fathers both had absolutely perfect skin and I hope they don't take after me. My 12 yr old gets the occasional tiny zit now and then and I hope thats it. If they ever had more serious acne, at least I'd be prepared to get them whatever help they needed. I wish my folks had taken my acne more seriously. they just always blew it off and I had to wait til I was in my 20's and had the resources to go to the derm and treat myself. They really could have saved me a lot o
  15. yeah I think you're right...lol... I just wish I could treat my wrinkles, and my slower-to-turn-over-in-my-old-age skin at the same time. Probably wishful thinking. I really want to go to once a day...I really do...but I'm starting to wonder whether I'm too much of a candy-ass to take that jump. I'd still rather take fine lines over zits. At least they're age appropriate.