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  1. Yeah I dont really care what people do to be happy. I have no acne and no intentions of taking any of this. Quick questions: 1. What do u do for work? U have spent tons in a short time on all this stuff. 2. Why go to Thailand to get the surgery done do they not do it in America? 3. Why get your penis cut and tucked? If a chick is a lesbian then she will be attracted to you as you will look like a women BUT u will have a penis to have sex with.
  2. Read carefully, I said A mistake. Any at all. My point being that people aren't perfect. And people aren't "normal". I always liked the quote "you're unique, just like everyone else". Candace Bushnell (the woman who wrote Sex and the City, aka the real Carrie Bradshaw) is also married. And healthy. To each their fucking own. And really, how much do you know about the people in your life? I have friends who talk openly about their sex lives. One in particular, she's my fucking hero. She will prou
  3. Why do tca? Several people on here have achieved great results from power peel or spot dermabrasion on their scars. Its the same really as a tca spot treatment. Scrape off some skin and wait a week for the scab to fall off then wait for the red to fade out. I have only seen 1 person do tca that had great results from it and the few i have seen do the powerpeel all achieved great results. JMO
  4. Yes be real guys. I rate myslef a 9. I have a good bod, good hair, good face and great career. Overall when I had acne I would ahve rated myself a 6 or 7. I still knew under the acne and marks I was attractive and now acne free can see it again. Plus I began making real money while I was broke out so that in itself gave me confidence that even with flaws I had a good head and thats much more important than flawless skin. I now have very minor marks on my right cheek that dont bother me othe
  5. Whatever I saw your pics in the gallery and when I used to chat with u. Without acne u would be a 9.5 with acne and some marks I say u are still a hottie.
  6. I would no kidding give u no lower than an eight. I can just tell u are a cool chick and those points count too. Plus other than acne u are a hottie 8.5 final answer
  7. I have to have a pc for work and a cd player and dvd player for enjoyment. Anything else I can live without. Wish I didnt have to have a phone as I dont like talking on it much. My cell phone has to go with me just in case I need to call in an order or an emergency so I couldnt live without that. So my phone and pc I need to work and couldnt live without. my dvd and cd players and I guess television are essential to making my work more enjoyable. I listen to music or watch dvds while I pa
  8. I could always feel a breakout coming on. It was a horrible itchy feeling that always meant white heads were ready to come out. God I am thankful for accutane and clear skin again.
  9. Your trainers are super stylin For myself, Im all about the Pumas. I love Pumas too. I like the Irish addies though. The red are cool too. I just bought a pair of Reebok classics with the Colts symbol on them. They rock and I needed some new whities. (Im from Indiana and lived in Indy so I am not jumping any bandwagon lol)
  10. Most people respond to accutane like I did. No problems, dry skin and no acne on or after. My doctor puts 1/10 on accutane twice and has put only 5 people on it three times. He is pretty old and has a lot of experience with it. As far as waiting 6 months for Fraxels I would say u should be good with the maximum of maybe 2 or 3 months after. I went for consult on accutane and was told that it wouldnt make a difference but that they are made to say that a 2 month wait is a good idea. Anyway
  11. It wont make much of a difference. Actually there are palces that are recommending accutane with Fraxel as it helps to restructure the skin better than the Fraxel alone. U already had it done any problems? Sounds like u are fine to do it then. When I went in for a Fraxel consult I was still on accutane. The doctors are made to tell u to wait 2 months after high dose accutane before doing anything. This person is on low dose. I have been told that fraxel would not be a big deal and that th
  12. THeres no way I would buy something that hasnt been looked at and approved by an AMerican or national organization. THey can sell anything for anything but if it doesnt work u just wasted your money. Do u not believe this would be sold at stores or clinics in the US if it gave such results as those shown????? Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake, fake.
  13. Well I dont care if u sleep around. I was just saying to the poster above that u can do whatever u please. There are people that do things in life the right way that wont and shouldnt give u the time of day if u act nasty with your body and life. I dont care if someone deals or snorts cocaine. I wouldnt associate with them at all but I could care less that they do it. There isnt really an easy button to life. If u choose to do all these things then u have made yourself into a person that u
  14. People who say it's wrong to judge others are not necessarily bad. They understand that everyone makes mistakes. They have a fucking ounce of humility. Thinking you're so much better than other people makes you the pig. Whatever you say. I dont like whores and wouldnt associate with them in any way. I have a long term girlfriend that is hot enough to not have to lower herself like that to get male attention. I have several attractive sisters and they NEVER slept around. Fuck my parents