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  1. Seriously man you must be making some of this shit up. I had red marks for close to 2 years on my face and no one ever said a thing to me about them, and I went to class every day. The amount of things people have allegedly done to you is pretty mind boggling.
  2. Yah Retin-A will eventually clear your acne, but it also makes those red marks stick around for a long while. I also still have a tad bit of redness on my cheeks after about a year and a half of being off it, starting to wonder if it'll ever go away.
  3. The absolute #1 thing that attracts men to women are the womens looks. If a guy doesn't find a girl attractive, he's probably not going to approach her. There are many different things that attract women to men. Money, personality, talents (music, sports, etc.). If you're a guy and you can make yourself stand out in some sort of way, you've got a pretty good shot at bagging yourself a nice looking girl. If you're a girl the only real way to make yourself stand out to guys is through your looks.
  4. I had smoothbeam done on a soft scar without any needling or anything like that and it filled in just fine. Not all scars need to bleed before they can be healed.
  5. I live in South Florida as well Scorpious, if you want I can give you the number of the derm that cleared me up. He's probably pretty close to where you live, his office is on Oakland Park Blvd. and University. PM me if you want.
  6. I had v-beam mixed in with smoothbeam last monday, and I didn't experience any down time. Can't see much of an improvement as of yet, though.
  7. Are you wearing sunscreen every day? I was on Retin-A for a while and I remember my cheeks used to have lots of red marks and red patches because I would be out in the sun and it would darken all the red stuff on my face. I finally started wearing some sunscreen and had a few microdermabrasions done, and the redness is pretty much all gone.
  8. Ashton Kutcher has a huge scar next to his nose and even my skin texture is better than Ben Affleck's. I'd be careful what ya wish for.
  9. Had my second smoothbeam treatment today. Before the treatment, the scar was just about completely filled in, only thing that really even bothered me about it was that it was still red, so my doctor was nice enough to give me a couple free zaps from her v-beam machine on the scar. I think the v-beam and smoothbeam combo was a little too much for my skin, though, cause it looks like I'm going to get a blister or two on the area where she performed both. Well worth it if it gets rid of the redn
  10. Hey skinny, how many SB treatments did you have before you saw a decrease in the blackheads on and around your nose?