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  1. Hay Mike! Wasn't this supposed to be the best log ever? Can't wait for the update! Take care!
  2. Hey! I'm using Vitamin B5 right now and I'm free of acne/spots/oily skin, but if I stop using B5 I will get my naturally REALLY oily skin and my acne/spots back. So I'm thinking of getting Accutane to get rid of acne once and for all. Is it possible to continue to take Vitamin B5 if I manage to get a course of Accutane to prevent the IB and then stop with B5 for the rest of the course? I'm worried so much stuff will happen inside my body it will probably explode!
  3. Hey Mike! I don't post here often but I think your log is the best here, where are you man?! Hope you're doing well.
  4. A white coated tongue can be a symptom of candida overgrowth. I have a white coated tongue and I think it has something to do with my mild acne. Is there a way to get rid of it? Please share your thoughts.
  5. Mad props to Ryan Valmont for starting this thread! It's working like a charm!
  6. Whole grain pasta, whole grain rice or potatoes? What's your experience with those three carbohydrates? Which breaks you out more/less? Currently whole grain pasta is my main intake of carbohydrates but I try to avoid it as much as possible. What's yours?
  7. Hi! I've recently got tetracycline but I'm not sure if I want to take it or not since many people say their acne came back worse after taking it and that it can cause candida and I don't want that... I use BP gel from time to time and it is very effective on my problem area (my chin), but it's making me so dry and flaky but keeps my acne away. If I'm not mistaken BP gel kills bacteria on the surface while tetracyline kills bacteria on the inside? So I'm wondering if tetracykline will work ju
  8. Hi! I have very mild acne but I want to get rid of it COMPLETELY. I'm so tired of have ALMOST beautiful skin. So I went to see a derm the other day and he prescribed me an antibiotic, tetracyklin. I was wondering if anyone have any experience of antibiotics and mild acne/whiteheads? Also I am taking Vitamin B5 powder, 10g / day and wondering if it's okay to take these simultaneously? Thanks!
  9. First I rinse my face with hot water to open the pores. Then I use my cleanser to remove 'dirt'. Then I rinse off with as cold water as possible to close the pores so that 'dirt' won't clog them.
  10. I mean... WOW! Amazing! Congratulations! So happy for you mate! And btw, I'm not gay but you look good! Go get laid! I got a question for you too: Did you have oily skin? If so, is the oil gone now? Again, congratulations!
  11. Hi! New user here on the forum btw, been looking around for some time though. Well... on to the topic. My acne isn't that bad, I get whiteheads from time to time but they go away overnight BUT my life depends on my oil/sebum production in my face. I feel I can't do the things I want to do because of it, like going out or whatever. I'm currently on Vitamin B5 for a week and haven't noticed any difference in sebum but I feel it doesn't do any good. I'm thinking of getting Accutane instead