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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if stress caused by your parent's attitude and treatment of you was making the acne much worse than it would normally be.
  2. 95% of my skin problems were caused by allergies to ingredients in my shampoo and my facial cleanser. If you can at all afford it or get it covered, a trip to the allergist is well worth the wait. I was tested a couple of months ago and my skin is finally calming down and evening out again.
  3. I looked everywhere for the clay mask and nobody had it....the Wal-Mart in my area doesn't carry their facial line
  4. This happened to me. I went to an allergist and a patch test revealed that my shampoo was causing a nasty rashy reaction. Nice, eh? I switched to Cliniderm (irritant-free products) and my face has shown lots of improvement. I expect it will take several months for the damage to reverse itself, though.
  5. I just wanted to say that while the facial soap was really not good for me, I also had mild back and chest/shoulder acne and the clarifying lotion ("toner", type 2) cleared that right up.....now all I have to do to maintain it is wipe it over the area once a day, before I go to bed. Perhaps that alcohol-heavy solution is just well suited to my tougher skin in those areas.
  6. I liked the toner well enough and the moisturizer worked fine too, but I am allergic to their facial soap (which I only found out after a year of ruining my face with it)......I stick to dermatologist-recommended stuff now.
  7. Heh, I like to say that I don't have a forehead, I've got a FIVEhead. I've had bangs since I was old enough to get my first haircut. Bangs really will be the best, most effective way to hide a big forehead. That doesn't mean you have to have the same kind of bangs all the time. I go from blunt cut, to fringed, to short and choppy and I love them. Depending on how high the layers hit on your face, it might just make your face look longer. Look in some hairstyle books and ask your stylist.
  8. I put a pea-sized amount in my hand and take my fingertips (make sure your hands are clean!) and put very small dots on each cheek, my chin, my nose, and my forehead. I then spread the cream or lotion around until my entire face is covered; if there is a spot that is left a little bare, I put another tiny dot on it and blend. Things will spread much farther than it looks.
  9. I have no idea if the two are related, but since I stopped drinking cow's milk all the time (I used to drink several glasses a day) and switched to soy milk, I almost NEVER get sick. Before I used to get a cough/sore throat or cold at least once or twice a season, and now....almost never. It could also be due to eating a slightly more balanced diet (more iron, for example), but I wouldn't be surprised if cow's milk had something to do with it. Milk used to be one of the things I consumed the
  10. I use Clinique's Advanced Concealer. I only use it for under my eyes and on spots, and I use a tiny tiny tiny amount (the tube is very small, but I only need a dot about half/a quarter of the size of a pencil eraser). It goes on very powdery, though, so I simply use my clean finger to pat it on....you need to moisturize under your eyes first though, because otherwise it's obvious you are wearing it.
  11. I'm not sure how "good" it is for you, but the most effective eye-makeup remover that I've found is plain old Vaseline. I put some on a tissue and gently wipe. This is what we used backstage when we had to do fast makeup changes (I've done some local theatre) and it's effective even on heavy makeup. Just don't try to put makeup on again for a while, as it will then smudge away. It's good for before bedtime. If I don't want that slightly greasy feeling on my eyelids, I use a Clinique makeup
  12. First of all, hello! I'm pretty new here, though I've "lurked" for quite a while. I went to an allergist recently and was told that I was allergic to my facial soap (Clinique bar), my salon shampoo and "fragrance". So I've switched to Spectro Jel's line on my face and Cliniderm for my shampoo and conditioner. My skin has improved quite a bit in just a couple of weeks (I had a very noticeable allergy rash that is about 50% gone), and I like the Spectro Jel quite a bit, but I was curious about
  13. For non-medicated cleanser, I'm quite a fan of Spectro Jel. They have it in oily and combination skin types now as well as the regular, with the Acne Care line (cleansing pads and a BP lotion) as well as Spectro Derm (for dry or aging skin) as other options.
  14. I doubt you'll be able to convince the cat to stop cuddling up against you at night, so you could instead try using gentle pet shampoos and cleansers (they make dry ones now that you just apply and comb through) to help control the amount of oils that get on your face. My cat cuddles up against me all the time, right up against my face, and I've not noticed any effect on my acne.....so it could be another cause?
  15. I started using the 3-step about 8 months ago, and noticed improvement in acne but I had red spots that just got worse. Like a rash. I just went to an allergist and i'm allergic to the cleansing bar (the "toner" and moisturizer are okay on my skin). Stopping use of the bar and switching to Spectro-Jel's new acne care line has made worlds of difference. I still use the toner on my chest/shoulders and back, where I don't find it too drying. I have no reaction to the makeup, so I still use tha