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  1. Can I just say, take it now! Don't delay, sure it possibly could look worse for a week or two but as long as you do everything right such as gentle cleansing, short showers, mousturizing with SPF and avoiding sun, applying lip balm and eye drops you shouldn't have any troubles and it'll clear up before you know it! Good luck with everything I'm taking my second course just now and I'm excited as I know it's the only thing that definately works.
  2. Roaccutane is fantastic. I used it two years ago and it healed my severe cystic acne beautifully. Just today I've started a second course of it - I haven't got much pustular or any cystic acne though I have a lot of problems with my pores being clogged and oiliness which topical treatments (including BP) haven't fixed...though my skin has never got even close to how it was when I 1st needed Roaccutane. I'm actually extremely excited, because I know Roaccutane is the only DEFINITE answer to gett
  3. I haven't tried any other tinted mousturizers and I think this one is quite good, I combine it with an ordinary mousturizer at about 1:1 so it looks more natural on my skin. Anyone like it? Prefer other ones? Thanks for the opinions/advice
  4. I'm so HAPPY right now! I can't believe my skin is so smooth, clear, even, soft, not oily/dry...just from using this one product!!! It almost pisses me off to think it was that simple! I forgot to mention I also used Differen gel and Akamin pills (before I used Isotrex) and they obviously didn't help either...just goes to show derms don't always know what they're on about.
  5. About 6 months until it's completely out of your system. I started using BP about 4 months later to prevent new breakouts.
  6. Yes but no other SA products did anything for me, just pointing out one that works for me in combination with BP More specifically I have tried Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner formula 3 with 2% SA and the Clean and Clear blackhead scrub which also has SA in it, neither worked. Plus, neither of them were a cleanser I could just use in the routine, I still need BP to control pustular acne.
  7. It depends on your skin, but not mousturizing can be a cause of oily skin. Also note that dry skin is more prone to problems like rashes or more acne because dry skin is damaged skin. Mousturizing is always the best option, even if you get oily skin you should use a light mousturizer in my opinion.
  8. Wow!!! I've been coming to this board for 2 or 3 years now and have suffered acne in many forms since the age of 12 (now 17) and my most recent problem for the past year has been extremely oily skin with very large, visible pores and bumpy, uneven rash-prone skin. Skip to the bottom if you don't wanna read my story lol I tried using BP with my QV cleanser twice a day following the regime but it did nothing so I went to a derm and got prescribed Isotrex (supposedly 'topical accutane' pfff) and a
  9. It looks like you have that rare scarring condition where any damage to your skin causes a raised/red bump instead of healing 'normally' like most people. I'm not sure, but it looks a lot like a scar my aunt got after spinal surgery (though yours is nowhere near as bad) and she has that condition. Sorry, my advice is proabably worthless but I thought I'd make that suggestion anyway.
  10. Um hammie, I don't that helps most people with acne-related skin problems. I use Dove 'essential nutrients' Protective Tinted Mousturiser SPF15 and it really make my skin look beautiful and clear. It conceals my red marks and makes me look a lot more even. The only downside is it can be irritating if your skin can't handle products like makeup, since it does have a small amount of foundation in it, and it might look a bit greasy on some skin. But I still suggest you try it, or any other tinted
  11. Based on those pics I would say I'm between mild and moderate, though my skin looks worse cos I used to have severe acne and am left with marks. I also get lost of other problems like rashes, blotchiness, peeling etc which only make it worse.
  12. I didn't use the BP while I was on the roaccutane, I started to use it a few months after I finished. I would only use it in the night all over my face (except my jawline where I shave the most and never get acne so I didn't want to irritate it) and use a good mousturizer that hasn't got any perfume or anything in it such as QV. Actually thats a good idea for anyone using any product. Eventually I used the BP twice a day but it irritated my skin after a year and I used 'Cortef' which my dumb
  13. It did make my skin bumpier in the 1st two weeks with alot of small pustular pimples coming up but I kept on using it and by the 3rd week the bumps were flattening out. The blackheads in my tzone and and the clogged pores in my forehead were basically cleaning out. It also makes my skin peel a little bit so it looks alot fresher now in a way.
  14. Being on Roaccutane was very exciting for me. I was terribly depressed in the first 2 months because it kept getting worse but believe me, it will suddenly get better out of no where Soon enough you'll be finished with less acne and no more side effects. When you are finished, don't forget to take care of your skin! Use BP to prevent further outbreaks and always mousturize! Try to take care of your eyes too, maybe get eyedrops. I think many people dismiss that