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  1. Okay, so here's my problem. I've been doing the regimen religiously since about April of '07. And it has worked beautifully, up until the start of this school year. I started breaking out pretty badly even though I did everything the same. And I'm still breaking out, not horrifically but enough so that I'm upset by it. I feel like all this work I'm putting into my skin is for nothing if I'm still breaking out, and with red inflammed pustules to boot. Currently I'm using Dan's bp, wash and aha. A
  2. Ahhhh, can someone please help? I'm getting so frustrated here. I've been on the regimen since April of '07 and have done it religiously since then. But lately, the past 3 months or so, I've been breaking out A LOT. Just about every day, really red inflammed pustules. I've read about this in other peoples threads.. a lot of users experience this after the one year mark or so. I think the inflammation may be due to a lack of water in my diet, so I've been drinking more water when I can. I've als
  3. Hey all! Havent been here in a while but I need some help. I've been on the regimen religiously for about 10 months or so. I've maybe missed a few applications. For the most part my acne has been under control. But lately it's gotten weird. Instead of getting papules like I used to get I just get these little red heads that typically go away within a few days. It's becoming increasingly annoying in that acne in general sucks and they sometimes leave hyperpigmentation in their wake (which is alw
  4. I'm actually going to meet him today hopefully, he still needs to call me back (or text me, haha) We'll probably do the cliche thing, dinner and a movie
  5. hey guys, thanks for all the great input and about the texting thing.. I guess it's actually his preferred method? He's the one who has been texting me nonstop!
  6. Yeah, I know, you're telling me! I'm glad I have unlimited texting..
  7. I've never had to do this before... but I need dating advice, quick. Or something. I'm totally freaking out because I haven't dated in years and I may be going to meet this awesome guy on Wednesday. I really really like him. We've been talking and texting for days on end.. I've probably sent him over 300 texts. I'm really not sure if I'm ready for this. But on the other hand I'll never know what could of been and maybe I should just seize the moment. I'm worried because my acne has drastically
  8. Dear Christina, I'm a freshman in college and I've been coming out of my shell more. Before, I was more of a loner but now I know a lot more people and enjoy hanging out with them (my skin clearing up helped me a lot). I still feel at times that I can't really relate to people, that people just seem... stupid to me?, and sometimes I revert back to being by myself. I don't know if I'm just destined for being a loner or that maybe I need to work harder being friendly and outgoing? It's also hard
  9. your skin is like the rest of your body, you need to take time out to care for it. like others have said, if you cant spend 20 minutes a day applying bp, then maybe you don't deserve clear skin. clear skin is so worth the time and effort. how I always justify doing the regimen day after day is.. looking in the mirror and also remembering that things take time and effort. it's a little like losing weight. a lot of people want quick results but that's not how change is going to happen. it will tak
  10. hey guys, I've been on the regimen for about 6 months now. and really proud of that accomplishment! I've recently been breaking out a bit. I'm not on my period or anything, I havent been picking and I havent tried any new products. (started using AG cleanser over a month ago). any advice?
  11. hey, I use bp twice a day and AG at night before the bp. and it seems like its been fine.
  12. DKR! All the way. I've been on it for 4 months, maybe a little more.. I am now totally clear with a few pimples maybe showing up every few weeks or so. It's amazing. It has literally changed my life. Now all I have to deal with are redmarks. And AG is helping a lot
  13. I love acv but the smell is bad.. I couldnt bring it to college with me. but it does work well!
  14. Bp didn't really give you the red marks. it gets rid of the pimples but the pimples will leave behind the redmarks. the bp just slows down the process of healing. yes, bp can be a bitch but its also very effective. it is what cleared me of acne, for the first time in how many years.. I hate the redmarks, but I'd rather have them than a face full of acne. and also you should be wearing spf every day, not just when you're out biking