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    Magic , i am magician and i have been doing magic for 10 years now..
  1. Man dont stop, i do weight lifting, from past 4 months, as u said, its better to have a good body then being like a rat and good skin.. and its good for ur health. soo keep it up.
  2. at least you didnt get the "DUDE DOES THAT MEAN I SHOULD GO SIT IN A SAUNA ALL DAY FOR MY ACNE" someone will do it too...idiots... looooool no doubt i bet some guys out there will give it a try and they will end up going to hospital or maybe heaven... hehehe
  3. DUDE U MAKE NO SENCE WHAT SO EVER ,,,,THATS EXACTLY WHAT IS STATED ON MY THREAD,,READ AGINE...AND YES DIET IS RELATED,,,DIET MEANS NUTRISION,,NOT DIET AS IN WHAT FAT PPL DO...GET IT RIGHT :rolleyes: Well said, first of all i think those guys out there, who thinks that diet is not related to acne, they should stop taking vitamins, minerals and so on, because afterall you can get all the vitamins and stuff from fruits, vegetables and other natural sources, diet does play a role in everything
  4. ""P.P.S. If you are female and still suffer acne well into or beyond your 20s, especially if it appeared after adolescence, then your acne's underlying causes are most likely hormonal, i.e. an androgenic imbalance (excess male sex hormone levels). This is why when you're on the pill or get pregnant you'd typically find your skin will 'magically' clear up. It's because the elevated female sex hormones suppress the effect of your androgens on the oil glands. Many women such as one poster on Pg 19
  5. Gym sucks big time, you wont get those 6 packs even in your dream in GYM, you should join a Martial Arts place, they train out every part of abs and you can get 4pack within 3 months and you will see improvments within 15 days..Gym is good but it will take a long time and 6 pack takes ages, but if you start any Martial Arts you will get in shape within months it took me 6-7 months to get what i wanted 6pack, but you gotta workout though..
  6. I heard that it helps with acne anyone here who is drinking white tea? if yeah please let me know if its of any help..thaks
  7. Ive tried this and i still do it , i think it works and most people stop posting here once they get clear , because then they get busy with their social life i think and they dont wanna miss any single moment being clear and away from acne and stress of acne, I totally cleared out with this regimen and my other trial and error only thing now that is bothering me is FREAKIN red marks they take time to fade away which is just pissin me off..
  8. Sorry i dont agree with you even 0.1% you are totally wrong , maybe people shouldnt try the tropical medicaments but all other treatments here are all good>like what is wrong to eat good foods and people giving advices to other people what fruits worked for him or what veggies worked for him , i dont find anything bad with that , and as u know , if something doesnt work for you it doesnt mean it wont work for someone else so please think next time before u post like that ... thank you.,.,.
  9. I head that Master Gland Formula helps balance the hormones , has anyone tried it.. any luck with it..
  10. I found the TREATMENT , after lots of ups and downs i got it, this regimen will probably clearn anyone with MILD ACNE , 90% or totally.. All you need is - EFA - Essential Fatty Acids MSM+Vit C - 1000MG Wash your face everyday before bed with Epsoms Salts , with warm water.Apply it leave it for some minutes then rinse off. If you are not gettng enough EFA then the chances of getting acne is 80%. Its a very good idea to buy Essential Fatty Acids - Liquid Form "from Local health store or from
  11. Have anyone heard of this fruit? my friend has been taking , ACAI berry capsules and he has totally cleared up from ACNE , he has clear face for 3 months now , anyone else here??
  12. I got all clear , around 95% , its only some red marks that piss me off , and i dont take vitamins anymore just MSM and Vitamin C ,i stopped taking all other vitmains and lemme tell you some of you , i did a lots of research before moving on to the vitamins...and i didnt overdose any..
  13. I totally agree. Not to say that these things shouldn't be researched, but something that I've been doing has been clearing me up. Something is working, and I'm only going to hesitantly refine my routine, in small steps. I'm fully aware that a portion of what I try will end up being revealed as unnecessary. But what is the alternative? Does science have an answer yet? Personal experimentation is basically all we've got until the results are in. No amount of bickering on a web forum can take a
  14. I did the Cleansing just today after 3 days of eating and 4th day break , i got all cleanse today , i didnt see anything special in my acne its still the same .. i hope something will happen later as it was my first cleanse.
  15. Its really delicious , just delicious i eat 4-5 a day its just great.. i didnt know it works for acne but it tastes soo good..