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  1. Just something that I recently learned and have started doing... "Shampoo Free". It's great because it's simple and cheap. Basically, when you need to wash your hair you wash with baking soda (very diluted) and rinse with apple cider vinegar (again very diluted). This restores the proper balance to your scalp and allows oil production to b/cm normal. Basically b/c shampoo strips your hair of all natural oils and replaces them with yucky fake ones. But, as for the growing part, with this whole
  2. I used Tazorac and gradually built up a tolerance to it so my skin wasn't all peely, but it was still uber-dry. So, I quit it and started just using gentle soap and I'm clearer than I've been in a long time. I gave up on all things that irritate my face.
  3. I just might try this if I find that the SA and BP are too harsh for me. Plus, I love the fact that you use the Queen Helene's masks...those are my fav.
  4. I agree with the "normal" route. I've tried a lot of thing suggested on this site, but I'm always at my best when I use just plain old soap and just use the Differin and Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask to clear up those few 'n far between minor outbreaks. I also watch my diet...sugar's evil. Hehe! Anywho...that's my opinion, and the rest of ya'll are entitled to yurs.
  5. Hm.... Does it come off at all, like when ya give ppl hugs 'n stuff? I'll have to look into that.
  6. Alrighty...I'm left with those stupid little bumps (which I know make-up can't exactly fix) and some icky red spots. I haven't worn makeup for a few months now except for under my eyes for those wonderful black circles. So, my question to ya'll is this: What is a type of foundation that covers extremely well to get rid of the red spots, but won't come off on like my t-shirt or everything else when my face rubs up against it. Is there such a product? Thank ya'll for yur help.
  7. KT- no problem...wut's ME? I started the diet for FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) and the no acne was just a nice side effect. Although, I've been cheating (a brownie for my bro's b-day) this weekend and sure enuf I broke out. Haha Steve- This is a place to put wut has worked for us. This has worked for me. Granted not everybody's the same, but I put it on here so that it mite help someone else.
  8. KT- those sudies don't surprise me in the least. I don't make the bread...my mom actually does...aren't moms great? We have our own grain grinder thing and so the flour is unprocessed and fresh. As for diet guidelines, I'm combining all kinds...Southbeach helped a lot, and many books on Fibro, which is what I have...sorry I can't be more specific. Basically, when I buy things, I buy those things that don't have sugar added or the least amount...nothing with flour (b/c almost all things from the
  9. Tayray- The difference is that the flour used in store-bought bread is enriched and refined. In fact, it's refined so much that your body thinks it is sugar and thus processes it so. That's why it's bad. NF- I don't think that changing one or two of the foods you eat can help with acne...nor that any food in particular causes it. It's a whole lifestyle with a COMPLETE change in eating habits...transforming the way your body does everything
  10. I spent years using topical and oral meds and everything over-the-counter I could get my hands on. One thing I have finally found that works and it was by accident! I was diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome, so to counter that, I eliminated all processed foods (bad carbs) and sugars. I eat fruits, veggies, homemade bread, cheese, nuts, and things like that. I have also started exercising once daily. Let me tell you...all I use now is regular ivory soap and I get a few pimples here and there b
  11. I've been using it for awhile and I love it! No more flakiness...and I love bein' able to see all the icky stuff come out!
  12. I've had lotsa luck with taping and then applying Neutrogena Mulit-Vitamin Acne treatment in the morning and the same at night and then adding the differin, too. It's worked wonders on my red marks!
  13. Jennz- Does the Neosporin Cream cause your face to get shiny at all or anything? Just curious b/c I'm getting to the point where I can go without makeup sometimes.