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    I love reading, cooking, socialising + drinking (prob not good 4 my skin, but can't give up that and chocolate!!), shopping (serious shopoholic!) Mostly I spend my time obsessing about my acne, thinking of new cures, worrying about it and thinking "it's not fair!!" But then I'm sure we all do that. I love this site, its like a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to people experiencing the same thing so thanks v. much!
  1. Hey that is almost exactly what I've just writtten on my log! Not sure if I'm just super aware of anything diff happening to my bod or the drugs really do kind of sink in that fast! I've been feeling just...peculiar today. And my muscles have been aching little...is this real or in my head lol!? hope ur well xx
  2. Day 1!!! Took my first lot of tabs today-35mg. Have been feeling a bit "buzzy" but not sure if its real or psycosymatic (i know prob not spelt right) as I'm expecting some strong effects. Lips also feel a bit drier than usual....but perhaps I am just actually taking a lot of notice today!?! Went to work, felt particuarly knackered but that may b bcos I had a last all nighter yesterday. Unfortunately could not bring myself 2 tell boss about meds. Really need to incase I have a nose bleed whilst
  3. lol...thought I'd just check, but yeah I'm the same....no makeup is too scary to imagine!! I use almay, but the concealer that actually really does the job and conceals for me is rimmel...I know thats not v. kind to my skin, but I need something that at least slightly disguises my skin! I'm going shopping tomorrow so I think I'm gunna go on a splurge and buy bucket loads of concealer, moisturiser..all the essentials. Plus maybe some nice clothes to cheer me up. Although I owe topshop £300 q
  4. Well my skin has always alternated between dry and oily...it kind of is both which is extrememly strange but I have always had to use moisturiser. The badger lip balm is just lovely, tastes good and makes ur lips so soft, i get it from lloyds pharmacy, but i think boots might stock it to. Are u planning on wearing makeup whilst on tane? Or u gunna brave it out au natural!? xx
  5. Hey betty u bet ya we'll b too hot to trot! They'll b queueing for miles! I will def keep track of your progress 2 and I will certainly take advantage of that "ear" when I feel down, its nice to feel u have a bit of anonymity on here yet still have people u can talk to. I just looked on your blog and noticed that you have been prescribed diannette too. I have been on that for about a week yet haven't had any nasty side effects like u seem to have. On the upside someone once wrote on here that
  6. Hi I am about to start Accutane and thought i should join many others on here in making a log in an attempt to keep me sane whilst riding this out! Firstly some background info... I'm 18 years old, almost 19 and have battled with acne all my teen years. I always thought it was pretty moderate, but has become more severe in recent months. So severe that my derm has prescribed me 35mg for the first week moving up to 70mg from then on, which seems to be a pretty high doseage! Am really scared a
  7. I tried PDT and it did NOT do anything. It cost me a lot of money and left me very depressed as the results were non existant. I am now about to try accutane. My dermatologist is very good, he does appear to really care and has gone through the side effects with me well. You can't argue with its success stories, look at claud! That is truly inspiring progress and I don't think you should jump down ani_in_fl's throat just because she is giving her opinion. Yes different things work for different
  8. Thanks for your feedback everybody. I'm still really apprehensive but am just gunna go for it! I take it theres nothing you can really do to minimise the break out? Thats prob just wishful thinking! Am v. jealous those of you who said you didnt get an initial breakout, however I really doubt I'll be lucky enough to go down that route! I shall keep u all informed tho...xx
  9. Hi there I'm starting accutane in a couple of weeks and am really paranoid about the intial outbreak. What have your experiences been? I will be on a 70mg dosage. Is there anyway to minimise the outbreak?!? Thanks for help x
  10. Hey people! I've just been pescribed Accutane...am quite excited but fairly apprehensive as well. Thanks for all the advice but just have few more questions. I work in a pub...a pretty public job and so I ALWAYS wear makeup to avoid putting the customers of their drink! Is it ok to carry on wearing makeup on Accutane?? Also do you think it is ok to start taking the pill (diannette) and Accutane at the same time? I'm supposed to have been on the pill a month beforehand yet haven't and don't want
  11. Hi there My dermatologist has finally prescribed me Accutane (yey!) but he says I have to have been on the pill for a month. Now my period has just finished but the instructions on the pill says you have to start taking it on the first day of your period. If I wait till my next period it will be 2 months before I can start Accutane. If I just started taking the pill now would it muck my body about? Has any female started accutane without being on the pill for a month? Another idea was that I co
  12. do u put BP on your neck?? cos i don't and yet i noticed this problem as well!? very strange and plus its drier than my face, however i have been using vaseline intensive care mosturiser for dry skin and seems to be nice n smooth now.
  13. lol love that Dr. Chris! And Fern and Phil are just the bees knees! On a serious level it is very difficult with depressio esp. to differentiate between causes and effects. Does our body produce less serotonin as a result of depression?? Or does less serotonin (perhaps from our genetics) make us more prone to depression. Also people can go through life with these genetic imbalances and remain completely depression free yet it takes a life event to bring this gentic predispostion to the surface.
  14. I recently bought a book called the "Clear Skin Diet" which advises you to cut out dairy, wheat and sugar from your diet to apparent amazing results to your skin. Well I tried for a while, but failed. Then the other day I decided to have a food intolerance test and turns out I am highly sensitive to dairy and wheat (and chocolate!!) so am going a month without these things to see if I see an improvement in my skin and overall health. Interesting that I, an acne sufferer, am sensitive to the thin
  15. hey mishmosh where do u get this mineral stuff from and does it really work? Does it cover well and is there a coverup stick? I work in very public job so could not get rid of my beloved makeup but am starting to think it may be aggravating my skin.