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  1. I want to try that, but I have the Neutrogena On-The-Spot "tinted formula," which is tinted towards skin color, which makes it invisible...no shine or anything. I don't even know if its absorbed, since it blends in with my skin color... anyway thx for the advice, I'll try that
  2. I just got a white head after 2 days of the regimen....is that weird or what... i dont know is BP supposed to bring out the bacteria deep inside your skin, since I just got a white head today. I also got a bunch of small white heads, which aren't a problem...but still I feel its quite awkward. thx for the help
  3. I think most moisturizers absorb...make sure you keep rubbing it for a good minute or two, it should absorb by then. No moisturizer just absorbs right when you put it on...so be patient and keep gently rubbing in into your skin. Try that, and good luck
  4. My acne gets worse when I irritate it...dont know why, but it does...irritation like rubbing my face in my pillow at night, not so much sun exposure.
  5. Hi guys, I recently started the regime to get rid of mild acne, this is my second day. Anyways, I got Neutrogena On-the-Spot (tinted formula), but it doesn't spread as nicely as shown on Dan's videos...what should I do? After about 5-10 seconds, the cream will dry and my skin will become dry too...I cannot spread it anymore without irritating my skin. On Dan's videos, he's spreading the cream for a good 30 seconds at least...my cream dries quickly. Today I tried adding a tiny bit of water