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  1. I have a short beard (trim it at level 2.5) that bother's my girlfriend when we kiss. I was going to try to grow it a bit longer to help manage the issue, but I also heard that there are some conditioner's that may soften my beard. Does anyone have a suggestion of a conditioner or oil that would be safe to use without (hopefully) breaking me out? Or any other helpful ideas for those who have had this issue? I was looking at this earlier: Botanical Skin Works Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil
  2. The one I found (and have been taking) in the house is Great Value and doesn't have 'the mother' in it. Is Braggs available (or another brand with 'the mother' at a local grocery store or Wal-Mart/K-Mart?
  3. i used to eat a lot of this and it didn't seem to make me break out. Peanut Power Butter
  4. How long before you started to see results? I found this in the kitchen, Great Value brand.
  5. I've tried lowering the amount of whey (used to do 4 scoops/day, now 2.5), and I've cut out the peanut butter. How long should I give it? 2 weeks to a month? Damn winter, seems to have triggered it.
  6. So do you think pill form is okay too? It's inexpensive. http://www.nutritiongeeks.com/details2.asp?Prod=apple-cider-vinegar-450mg-180&Prodgp=apple-cider-vinegar-450mg&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=8970
  7. Yea I'd rather cut one out at a time not both, I'll start with the peanut butter since I still have a full tub of protein.
  8. any suggestions on another protein powder that I could use? I'm a lifter so It's tough getting enough protein per day without it.
  9. I'm trying to narrow down what could be causing my acne to flare up. My diet seem okay other than these two, I try to cut out all dairy (only drink Almond Milk) I've been eating a lot of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter and currently use VPX Syngex Protein. I'm sure it is probably both, but do you see any red flags? and are either okay in moderation? Any recommendations?
  10. You got me thinking now, should I stop taking the current Cassein product im using?
  11. I've just started taking the Casein, haven't had any more issues than usual, but it's early yet so we'll see
  12. I will look into that. AllMax also sells a Beta-Alanine product, may include it in my order
  13. Alright man take it easy, ITS THE 2ND BEST OUT THERE is what i meant, and I'll just stick with that brand for the creatine as well. Hopefully I see some improvements with these changes