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  1. Sorry guys ive been kinda busy. Anyways the excisions did not go very well i think. Of the five i got, one of them opened up two days after surgery. the other was opened the when the stitches came out. The biggest one on my forehead he totally did not do properly, he excised a small hole inside the bigger hole, which is a total waste of time and did nothing. Which is a shame as well cuz that one seemed to heal well inside my scar. In general i would describe Dr Colin Hong as a douchebag.
  2. LOL, Im 25 years old. I am turning into a frickin woman from looking at this site and getting this done. My girlfriend must think im crazy. The reason I like it is because I geuss after years of squiting i have some powerful scrunching muscles in my forehead. I wrinkle it up alot. Anyways I was just thinking about it, my mom is a health nurse and has given tons of needles in her life. She came to my highschool and other schools to give Hep C vaccinations. I dont think it is possible to bu
  3. My doctor said not to worry about putting anything on them. But yesterday I cleaned them with peroxide and dabbed some polysporin. I may do this once a day, do you know if youre supposed to? Also the botox is amazing, I can see how people get addicted to this stuff. I used to squint alot when I was younger since I never wanted to wear my glasses, and I still scrunch up my eybrows. Now I couldnt do that if I tried. I wondet if there is any way to buy botox online?
  4. I just had my excision doen today by Dr Hong, seems to have gone pretty well. I had 5 done, 3 on my cheeks and 2 on my forehead. I also asked that he botox my forehead so i wouldnt have to worry about moving the scars. If they go well i will go back and do another 5 which should take care of the rest of pox marks. It was $300 for the botox and $350 for excisions. Does have any tips for aftercare and avoiding the scars sinking in? Im thinking of applying supercop2x to help rebuild some of
  5. Actually i was kinda thinkin about doin this since my sideburrns dont really grow and it is a piss off. I was just worried about the scar it leaves on the back of your head in case you decide to shave your head? Also does it look weird if you decide to shave your chin, since it is a bunch of grafts? Does the grafts match your regular skin? Good job on taking actions to fix your scars.
  6. Does anyone know if copper peptides would be good to use after getting excision done? I figured they would help the scar to fill in, and help with redness. Also how soon after excision should i start putting it on?
  7. Drew what do you do for after your spot treatments. Like after the acid is applied you wait and then apply neopsporin. Then a couple of days later after the scabs appear you start applying the supercop. Is there a worry that the supercop may cause the open wound to get infected? Do you wash your face normally like evening and morning while all this is going on? I searched on the website but have found it hard finding anyone whos had a rightup for a good aftercare of tca. Im gettin ready t
  8. Hey drew, what kinda scar was the bigger red scab on ur cheek and have u noticed and improvement? I was thinking that I may spot treat some of my scars with some 25-50% TCA using a q tip. I have some shallow chicken pock marks that im hoping may get some improvement from this.
  9. What about using stuff like silicon sheets or copper peptides? Does anyone have a write up on how to do the whole thing as well as aftercare in detail.
  10. Oh ya I forgot that I emailed him a while back about excision and got no reply. Also there was a member on this board that emailed him about excision and he replied that he would only do it if you agreed to do laser after. But there was one member in the same thread that was convinced of his skills. linky http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...l=adamson&st=60
  11. I tried to get an appointment but it would take two months, and he charges $250 for a consultation so I'm guessing hes good. I think it may be important to find a doctor who is experienced in excision rather than one who just charges alot. But then again hes probably able to charge alot cuz hes good and does a thorough job. I dont know how to seperate the experienced docs from the quaks. Anyone?
  12. What diameter would u think was a scar too large to punch?
  13. I wish I had of asked him more about the sizes of the punches, but when I asked about the size he said that they would work for my scars. Its weird how the other doc said that it would be best to use a scalpel excision instead of the punch. Maybe because he doesnt use the punches.
  14. Ok well here an updatate in my search. Today I saw dr Solomon, and I have to say that he seemed to know what is going on. His office wasnt that swanky but what does that matter. He said that the best two options for me were to excise the big scars and use fillers for the others(Artecoll). He said he would use a punch to excise them, and when I asked about dog ears he said that he would notch out the sides so it folds together better. He said that he didnt have any pictures but said that he s
  15. Hmm, I am seriously considering gettting excision done on my chicken pox scars but those pictures are making me a bit nervous. I thought that an excision would leave a much smaller scar. It looks as though your wound reopened as it was healing, I guess since it is pretty long. How big was the cyst originaly, and how long is the scar now? Also did you take good care of the scar while it was healing(vitamin e, copper peptides etc)? BTW I also think that you should ditch that doc and try th