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  1. Mizz Siava dont want no text or call, just wanna know your ok, had a dream about you

    1. Jaxin


      and no im not drunk

  2. I'm a social butterfly, even when the acne was at its worst. At its worst I did hate my face, but knew that I've only got one life... so I'm going to live it, damnit! I've been working since 18 and enjoy having responsibility (and money to burn along with my own personal space haha) so not working is out of the question. Routine: Get up, shower and perform my skincare regimen, drop off daughter for school, go to work, pick daughter up, take her to work or home if she's not working (I'm
  3. Oh man, I love mythology and would love to see the architecture in Greece. You're so lucky, Nessa!
  4. Outside of the US I've been to Puerto Rico, Vieques (a tiny island off of PR), and the UK. Vieques was by far the most exotic and fun. Horses roam the island and go wherever they please from frolicking on the beach to grazing in the school yard. You get fined if you harm one. Their eyes don't reflect since they're not nocturnal, so you have to be very careful when driving at night. The culture is like taking a step back in time. Slow pace. Conservative. Folks are up early in order to catch t
  5. elainee, just be up front with him if it's worrying you so much. He'll still think you're beautiful, especially if you behave like yourself when with him. Meh, blow it off or make light of it. Blame your breakout on the Londoners. Hahaha. It'll be ok. You'll see. ENJOY the time you get to spend together!
  6. Definitely take some sunscreen!! 1. Going to live shows. 2. Pay raise. 3. Buddy from D.C. coming to visit in March.
  7. You're confused because you have low self-esteem. With all of the positives in your life, focusing on the acne still hits hard and will continue to do so until you change the way you view yourself. It's difficult and takes time, but not impossible. There are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding the appearance of your acne: 1) People aren't scrutinizing your skin the way you do. Sure, folks may notice you have acne, but could care less. They're too worried about their own perceived "flaws
  8. It'll get better. Hang in there!
  9. heitea, your skin looks wonderful and your happiness definitely shows. Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. Over the years I've read here that many many members respond better to topicals after Accutane. Perhaps you may need to use a topical as preventative maintenance. That's something you could discuss with the doc. I know it kinda sucks having to still use a product, but hey, it's better than dealing with full blown acne! Good luck.
  11. Hi, andrewbleah. The marks took several months to fade completely and even then, if I flushed from embarrassment, too much heat, or alcohol, they could be seen. Hmm, I believe it was a solid year before all of the hyperpigmentation was completely gone when flushed.
  12. Oh hon! This is a classic case of antibiotic cessation flareup. It right pisses me off docs don't tell patients about this. Whether your acne is reacting positively or negatively to antibiotics (topical or oral), when you've been taking them for awhile it's crucial to wean, not stop suddenly or flare ups like this happen. You'll start Accutane in 3 weeks, you say? Bare the embarrassment you're feeling. I know it sucks, but you'll be pleased in the long run. I'm so sorry. I absolutely know the
  13. As your skin dries out they'll likely appear to be bigger, but don't fret! That's a good thing. Sometimes you can feel them if you touch your face. Use your fingertips gently while showering and they'll work themselves out eventually. Some may literally fall out. Some will need fingertip exfoliation over time. Whatever you do, DO NOT squeeze your skin while on this stuff in an attempt to remove them. The skin gets too fragile and you'll wind up super pissed at yourself. Sorry, but I can't tel
  14. Ugh, yeah, went through that, too. Aside from drinking lots of water, try using only moisturizing conditioner when washing your hair. Shampoo is way too drying for some of us on this stuff. As long as you really work the conditioner onto your scalp with your fingertips before rinsing, you won't be left with a greasy residue and your hair will be just as clean. I have long hair and am no longer on the drug and still use this method. It works. Good luck! eta: If you try this method and use a c